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Clearances and Approvals

To obtain a provisional SSI registration online,

Clearances for SSI

The industries are categorized into Small Scale Industries and Large & Medium Scale Industries.

The following types of Industries should obtain Provisional Registration from the respective District Industrial Centers.

  1. Small Scale Industries (The Industries whose investment in Plant and Machinery is below Rs 1 Crore)
  2. Ancillary industries whose investment in Plant and Machinery below Rs 1 Crore
  3. Tiny Industries whose investment in Plant ad Machinery is below Rs 25 Lakhs
  4. Women Enterprises where one or more women entrepreneurs have not less than 51% financial holding

Clearances for Large and Medium Industries

The large and Medium Industries (The Industries whose investment in the Plant and Machinery is more than Rs 1 Croore) need to take the following clearances/registrations:

  1. If the line of manufacture falls within annexure - II B or the location of the unit falls within 25 Kms of the cities having population of 1 Million (Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh) should file IL application.
  2. Otherwise should file IEM application form
  3. If Foreign Technical Collaboration is involved then need to file approval for FTC. In respect of foreign Direct Investment (FDI), the RBI/FIPB issues a composite clearance for Foreign Investment along with IL/IEM.
  4. If the unit is 100% Export Oriented unit, then should file 100% EOU application form

Other Clearances

  1. Land/Location

    The following clearances need to be taken for the land/location:
    1. Environmental clearance from Government of India (where ever applicable)
    2. No objection certificate (NOC) from Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board (APPCB)*
    3. Change of Land Use from District Collector / Government in Municipal Administration and Urban Development Department through Director Town and Country Planning / urban Development Authority*
    4. Exemption from Urban Land Ceiling

  2. Building

    Permission for the building layout need to be taken from Gram Panchayat / Municipality / Town & Country Planning Department / Urban Development Authority*

  3. Plant and Machinery

    Approval of layout needs to be taken from the Department of Factories / Boilers*

  4. Raw Material

    Need to apply for allotment of Scarce Raw Materials like Coal, Molasses, Alcohol, Paraffin Wax if required, through Industries Department.

  5. Power

    1. Need to seek Power Feasibility from TRANSCO *
    2. Need to seek approval for captive generation if required from TRANSCO
    3. Need to enter into agreement with an Independent Power Producer (IPP) in case of going in for purchase of power from private generation stations

  6. Water

    1. The water supply can be from any of the following sources
    2. Own Captive source
    3. Public supply (Local Body)
    4. Supply from APIIC in respect of Industrial Parks / Industrial Development Areas
    5. Supply from State Irrigation Department for bulk consumption

* These clearances / approvals can be obtained from Commissioner of Industries through 'Single Window' Centralized documentation and Clearances Center.

Please click on the below links for application forms:
Single Window Clearance Assistance Forms
Other Assistance Forms

Post Implementation Clearances / Approvals

  1. General
    1. Final NOC from APPCB
    2. Registration and Licence under Factories Act
    3. Clearance from Electrical Inspectorate
    4. Letter of Intent for Distillery / Brewery
    5. Registration under Milk and Milk products order
    6. Mining / Quarry Lease
    7. Registration with Central Excise department
    8. Sales Tax Registration with commercial taxes department
    9. Provident Fund registration
    10. ESI Registration
    11. Registration with labour department
    12. Claim for State Incentives

  2. Industry/ Unit specific Licence / Approvals
    1. Drugs and Cosmetic Licence
    2. Explosives Licence
    3. NOC from Fire Services
    4. Licence under Boilers Act
    5. Fruit Product Licence
    6. BOS / ISO Registration
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