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APOnline is the official portal of government of Andhra Pradesh. APOnline offers various “Government to Citizen” services to citizens of AP through this portal. All the government’s information, GO s, acts, addresses of legislatures, contact list of ministers, secretaries, and similar other information.

APOnline offers the services to the citizens through a network of SDPs, RSDPs, and USDPs. APOnline treats all the delivery points as a part of its family and wishes that these delivery points should do extremely well in all terms. We strongly wish that the delivery points should excel in customer service, should do more number of transactions, and should compete with each other in providing customer satisfaction.

This message board is a forum created by APOnline with a view to have an effective way of communication between all the stakeholders of APOnline. This is a forum where APOnline would be informing to all the family members (SDPs, RSDPs, USDPs) about the latest developments, new services being launched, and also about the top performing delivery points. We wish that every one should keep watching this space and get know the latest information about APOnline. All the very Best!

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::  Dear All.! Important Note on Meeseva & Ration Card Stationary and APOnline EMart Products.(Message Published Date: 24-08-2015 15:13:11)
::  Dear All.! Telangana Sand Receipt Re-Print.(Message Published Date: 21-08-2015 18:09:09)
::  Dear All.! Ration Dealer Payments Telangana service is enabled in APOnline for all Telangana Franchisees.(Message Published Date: 21-08-2015 17:32:58)
::  Dear Franchisees ! Due to problem at SBI Department, only SBI TOPUP's are not able to update as of Time(If the Amount deducted from SBI Bank and not updated in Admin).(Message Published Date: 14-08-2015 12:36:04)
::  Dear All.! Tomorrow 15.08.2015 Banks Holiday.(Message Published Date: 14-08-2015 12:32:57)
::  Dear All..!Telangana open school SSC & INTER admission Application Re-Print.(Message Published Date: 13-08-2015 15:47:51)
::  Dear All..!AndhraPradesh Open School SSC & INTER Admission Application Re-Print.(Message Published Date: 13-08-2015 15:40:42)
::  EPIC Holograms Information - Mahaboobnagar District Franchisees.(Message Published Date: 12-08-2015 19:51:18)
::  Commission for the month of July 2015 have been released. For more info please call 040 45676699.(Message Published Date: 10-08-2015 22:27:31)
:: Biometric Authentication Services are expected to be launched soon through APOnline/Meeseva Centres(Message Published Date: 07-08-2015 20:14:04)
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:: 1)APO-NLR-SET, Naidupeta Mandal, SPSR Nellore District has done 8070 Transactions in July 2015.
:: 2)USDP-ANCKS,Uravakonda(V), Uravakonda Mandal, Anantapuramuamu District has done 7614 Transactions in July 2015.
:: 3)APO-KUR-MAH, Yemmiganur(V), Yemmiganur Mandal, Kurnool District has done 6523 Transactions in July 2015.
:: 4)USDP-KDST, Proddatur Mandal, Dr.YSR Kadapa District has done 6445 Transactions in July 2015.
:: 5)USDP-GNCC, Vinukonda Mandal, Guntur District has done 5841 Transactions in July 2014.
:: 1)APO-NLR-SET, Naidupeta Mandal, SPSR Nellore District has done 13870 Transactions in July 2015.
:: 2)SDP-SVNL, Kukatpally(V), Balanagar Mandal, Ranga Reddy District has done 12005 Transactions in July 2015.
:: 3)USDP-KHWC, Kanuru(V), Penamaluru(M), Krishna District has done 10820 Transactions in July 2015.
:: 4)USDP-KDST, Proddatur Mandal, Dr.YSR Kadapa District has done 10818 Transactions in July 2015.
:: 5)APO-NLR-SHF, Naidupeta Mandal, SPSR Nellore District has done 10704 Transactions in July 2015.
::  Dear All Operators of Nellore District Franchisees-Review Meeting on 28.08.2015(Training Published Date: 26-08-2015 14:13:25)
::  APOnline Review meeting & Training for Krishna District operators on 24.08.2015(Monday).(Training Published Date: 21-08-2015 14:05:59)
::  Telangana Open School Society SSC & Inter Exam Fee Payment Services are enabled to all Telangana operators.
:: Dear All..!Craft & Computer Certificate Courses Fee payment-Telangana service enabled to all AP and TS operators.
:: Dear All..!AndhraPradesh Language Pandit Common Entrance Test(APLPCET-2015) service enabled to all Andhrapradesh operators.
:: Typewriting & Shorthand Fee payment-Telangana service is enabled to all franchisees in AP & TS.
:: Telengana Open School Society SSC & INTER Admission Application Filing and Fee payment services are enabled to TS Franchisees.
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:: Andhra Pradesh Inter Open School Admission Application Form and Fee Payment Service Process Document and User Manual.(Document Published Date: 29-07-2015 19:58:15)
:: Andhra Pradesh SSC Open School Admission Application Form and Fee Payment Service Process Document and User Manual.(Document Published Date: 29-07-2015 19:56:32)
:: RGUKT 2015 Online Application Submission and Fee Payment UserManuals(Document Published Date: 27-05-2015 05:14:10)
:: APEPDCL Sub Engineers Electrical Recruitment 2015 Fee Payment Service User Manual(Document Published Date: 30-04-2015 16:26:27)
:: Dear All.! Ration Dealer Payments service enabled to Rangareddy district Channels in Telangana state.(Document Published Date: 08-04-2015 15:05:34)
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:: Team Viewer 5
:: ePass2003 Drivers
:: Java JRE 6U29 Software
:: Adobe Reader
:: E-token Digital Key Drivers
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