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Until the year 1951 , the functions of both Geological Survey and Inspectorate of Mines of erstwhile Hyderabad State , were carried by the Department of Mines And geological Survey. With federal financial integration in the year 1951 , The functions of Hyderabad Geological Survey of India and the safety aspects of Mines were merged with Directorate of Mines Safety and then a separate department Mines & Geology was formed to look after the grants of Mineral Concessions. The Department of Mines Geology was carrieng out some specified investigations in the field of geology and also used to give tender advice on matters connected to Mineral Concessions.

Prior to the formation of Andhra Pradesh state , the work relating to the Mines was being attended by the Director of Industries and Commerce with a special officer. After formation of enlarged state of Andhra Pradesh the staff and officers looking after the work of Mineral Concessions were merged with the Department of Mines and Geology. After formation of Andhra Pradesh the functions granting Mineral Concessions and Quarries were transferred to the revenue Department. The Department of Mines and Geology was only looking after the technical aspects of advising the Government on the desirability of grant of Mineral Concessions. The department used to submit proposals for reservation of some areas for exploitation of certain minerals in the public sector under Industrial policy resolutions and the technical officers of the Department were inspecting the Mines in enforcing Mineral Concessions Rules. In addition to the above work, the Department of Mines and Geology takes up promotional work which constitutes investigation of Mineral deposits ,mapping exploration and assessment.

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The formation of Andhra Pradesh has widened the scope for Mineral Industries and increased revenues under mineral sector. The demand for industrial minerals has proportionately increased. In order to cope up with the demand, there is a tremendous increase for mineral concessions from the public and the work load proportionately increased on the administration. In order to help the Revenue Dept., to collect the royalties, to control illicit mining and transportation of minerals, some additional administrative machinery was considered necessary, the government has established a regional office under charge of Assistant Director, Mines & Geology, at Kurnool vide G.O.Ms. No.1341, Industries Dept., dated 7.9.61, to deal with Mines work of three districts of Cudappah, Kurnool and Anantpur.

On finding the usefulness of the new office at Kurnool, Government further established the second Regional Office at Warangal under the charge of another Assistant Director, Mines & Geology, in the year 1964 vide G.O.Ms.No.784, Ind. Dept dated 20.5.64 to look after the Mineral Regulatory work in the entire Telangana Region. Later, 3 more Regional Offices were established vide G.O.Ms.No.251, md. & Comm Dept dated 3.3.67 at Nellore, Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam covering the entire coastal area of the state. These three Regional Offices were functioning under the charge of 3 Assistant Directors, Mines & Geology. In the year 1975, in order to cope up with the Mineral Regulatory work in Telangana Region, one more Regional Office

under the charge of another Assistant Director, Mines & Geology, was established at Hyderabad covering the districts of Hyderabad, Medak, Nalgonda, Nizamabad and Mahaboobnagar.

The Dept. was introduced permit system in the year 1975, vide G.O.Ms No.674, Industries and Commerce (MI) Department dated 27/06/1975 and Government Memo No. 1900/MI/75-7, dated 25/09/1975,wherein it has become obligatory on the part of mine owner to pay the royalty and other taxes of Mineral Revenue in advance and obtain permit from the concerned Assistant Director, Mines & Geology, before transporting the mineral from the leased areas. The purpose of introducing the permit system is to avoid accumulation of arrears of mineral revenue and to help detection of illicit mining and transportation of minerals. With the introduction of permit system, the work load has increased trernendously and further the mine owners have also felt inconvenience as they have to go a long distance to obtain the permits.

Transfer of Mineral Regulatory work and setting up of District Offices:-

The main aim of the transfer of regulatory work is to achieve better realization of mineral revenue and for speedy systematic development of minerals in the state, for control of illicit mining and transportation of minerals and development of Mineral Based Industries, the Technical Dept. is in a better position in advising the entrepreneurs in Mineral Based Industries and on the judicious utilization of industrial minerals. Further the department is advising the govt., in framing Mineral Policy and Mineral Based Industries and in framing legislative measures under the MM(R&D) Act 1957 and rules made thereunder .In the year 1976-77, the Government of Andhra Pradesh sanctioned a Scheme of Re-organisation of the Department. In G.O.Ms.No.850, Ind. & Comm Dept., dated 20.9.76, the Mineral Regulatory work in respect of both Major and Minor minerals hitherto under the control of the Revenue Dept., has, been transferred to this Dept. Under this scheme, 6 more district offices in Srikakulam, Guntur, Khamrnarn, Nalgonda, Anantpur and Cudappah and 4 Regional Offices at Kakinada, Guntur, Warangal and Cudappah were established. The 6 Regional Offices which were established prior to 1975 were renamed as District Offices making the total number of District Offices 12, covering the entire state of Andhra Pradesh The Assistant Directors, Mines & Geology have been made in charge of these district offices. The 4 Regional Offices created in the year 1976, were under the charge of Deputy Director, Mines & Geology and the 12 District Offices were under the control of these 4 Regional Offices. Some more sections were also added to the Head Office to look after the work of field offices. The entire mineral regulatory work for both Major and Minor minerals was transferred from the Revenue Dept. to this Dept. In the Vith Five Year Plan, the Government created one more Regional Office at Hyderabad under the charge of a Deputy Director, Mines & Geology and one District Office at Nirmal under the charge of an Assistant Director, Mines & Geologyvide G.O.Ms.No.501, md. & Comm Dept., dated 4.9.81, which subsequently shifted to Mancherial. In the Head Office one post of Assistant Director, Mines & Geologywas also created by the Government to look after the work of History of Mines.

The Department has a Chemical Laboratory, a Museum and a Library. There is one Survey and Drawing Branch in this Dept. There are six drilling rigs and one exploratory mining unit under the charge of a Joint Director (Promotional).

Creation of Internal Audit Wing :-

Because of the increase in the activities of the Department and increase in the Mineral Revenue, Government created an Internal Audit Wing in the Department with two Internal Audit parties vide G.O.Ms.No.542, md. & Comm Dept., dated 31.7.79. These two Internal Audit parties visit the District Office and Regional Offices and scrutinize the lease files and check the assessments of receipts and expenditure accounts also. Similarly, in Head Office also the Internal Audit parties check the assessments, scrutinize the lease files and check expenditure accounts.

In order to cope with work load on the regulatory front in the dept., the government has sanctioned one each Assistant Director of Mines and Geology office at Chittoor, vide G.O.Ms.No.166, Industries and Commerce (MI) Department dt.30-06-1989, yanagaram Karimnagar, Ongole and Eluru vide G.O.Ms.Nos.84, Industries and Commerce (M 1) Department dt.07-03-1991. And also, one Regional Office at Vishakapatnam headed by Deputy Director, Mines and Geology, was created vide G.O.Ms.No.83, md. & Corn. (MI) Dept., dated 7.3.9 1.

In order to cope with legal matter in the Directorate and finalisation of counter affidavits and to have liaison with Government Pleader, a legal cell has been created vide G.O.Ms No.1046, Industries and Commerce (MI) Department, dated 13/11/1990. A post of law officer was also created vide G.O.Ms. No.82, Industries and Commerce (MI) Department, dated07/08/1991 to be headed the legal cell.

In accordance with the policy of the government to have district office in each district, to have an effective control on Mineral regulatory and promotional work and to streamline the procedures for prompt collection of Mineral Revenue and curtailing illicit transportation of minerals, the Government has accorded sanction of 4 more district offices headed by Assistant Director  Mines & Geology y Medak, Mahaboobnagar and Nizamabad and two Regional Offices at Nizarnabad and at Kurnool headed by Deputy Director, Mines & Geology and one “Vigilance Cell” in the Directorate of Mines and Geology vide G.O.Ms.No. 139, md & Corn (MI) Dept., dated 23.3.92, creating one post of Deputy Director, Mines & Geology for vigilance wing along with 9 posts of Royalty Inspectors and 9 Technical Assistants. The Government also created 6 Royalty Inspector posts to be posted at integrated check post at Nellore and Chittoor Districts for checking mineral transportation outside the State vide G.O.Ms. No.317, Industries and Commerce (MI) Department, dated 19/06/1990. For that , the Government also sanctioned a special vigilance staff consisting of 12 Technical Assistants and 12 Royalty Inspectors, for improving the collection of mineral revenue vide G.O.Ms. No.117, Industries and Commerce (MI) Department, dated 13/06/1996. The creation of district office at every district has facilitated the general public in obtaining leases and also removed inconvenience to the public. Thus the Department’s role undergone seesaw change in its administration and played an important role in mobilising the mineral revenues and promoting mineral based industries, from hitherto a small directorate which used to tender advise connected with mineral concessions and taking up some specified field investigations.

Presently, There are 34 ADM&G offices in the Districts, 8 Regional Offices and 4 Zonal Offices which are responsible for grant of leases, regulation, collection of mineral revenue and promotion of minerals in the concerned jurisdiction.  The plan schemes grounded during the 8th Plan period are all salary oriented schemes and same were continued during 9th & 10th Plan period.  There are no developmental schemes in the Department of Mines & Geology.  The Government during 2006-07 has grounded vigilance Scheme by creating 3 Centralized units, 8 Regional Vigilance Units and 6 Temporary Check Posts under Plan Scheme to keep Vigil over illicit mining and transport of Minerals and also to pluck the Mineral Revenue.  Further in the year 2007-08, the Government Vide G.O.Ms.No.291, Finance (SMPC) Department dated.28-11-2007 has accorded sanction for creating 15 Special Vigilance Squads and 158 posts in various cadres to strengthen the existing offices at various levels for preventing the illegal quarrying and transportation of sand and other minerals .   The scheme was grounded in the month of December 2007 by opening 15 New Vigilance Offices in the State.

At present there are 62 offices with a total Strength of the Department is 1191 , which includes technical , non-technical and outsourced staff.

Head Office -1
Zonal Joint Director of Mines and Geology -4 offices
Regional Deputy Director of Mines and Geology -8 offices
District Assistant Director of Mines and Geology - 34 offices
District Assistant Director of Mines and Geology (Vigilance) -15 offices
Total offices- 62
Cadre Strength -983
Outsourced Cadre Strength -208
Total cadre strength - 1191

The sanctioned strength of the staff, are 98 technical gezetted officers, 11 non-technical gezetted officers, 267 technical non-gezetted officers and 413 non-technical non Gazetted officers.


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