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Directorate  is headed   by  a   Director  and   supported  by Joint      Directors ,  Deputy   Directors ,  Assistant   Directors ,  Statistical  Officers,  Deputy  Statistical  Officers,  Assistant Statistical Officers and the ministerial staff. The manpower is comprised mostly of Statisticians and Economists at various levels. They are spread across the districts and sub-district level helping the systematic organization of statistical and socio-economical model building  

The Bureau of Economics and Statistics, Andhra Pradesh was constituted in 1956 amalgamating the Statistical Branch of Board of Revenue of the erstwhile Andhra State and the Bureau of Economics and Statistics of the erstwhile Hyderabad State . The role of Bureau of Economics and Statistics was initially confined to data collection , compilation, tabulation and dissemination. Bureau of Economics and Statistics was laterre-designated as Directorate of Economics and Statistics.With increasing range of activities, Directorate of Economics and Statistics is theCentralized Statistical Organisation of the State for systematic collection, compilation, analysis and interpretation of Statistical data over a vast range of sectors relating to the State economy to guide and to meet the challenging needs of the Government.

The Directorate of Economics and Statistics is declared as "Nodal Agency" vide G.O.Ms. NO. 56, Finance and Planning (Plg.wing:PS) Department, Dated 26.10.1984 for the statistical activities in all the State Government Departments.

It works in co-ordination with the National Sample Survey Organization (NSSO),  and Central Statistical Organisation, Government of India for certain studies. The Directorate organizes adhoc  studies depending on the requirements of the Government of Andhra Pradesh and  Government of India.

Reports published and data compiled by the Directorate are used by several research  organizations including Center for Economic and Social Studies (CESS) and Universities. The Planning  Department of Government of Andhra Pradesh uses the data for its activities

 Directorate operates as a 3-tier system viz Head Office, District Offices and Mandal Offices. It has a staff strength of about 1800 with the staff of Assistant Statistical Officers working in Mandals. Computational activities are shared between the district offices, headed by Chief Planning Officers (CPO's) and the Head Office, headed by the Director.   At mandal level an assistant statistical officer helps Mandal Revenue officer to compile the necessary data. 


Directorate of Economics and Statistics is  engaged in the  collection, compilation,   tabulation and publication of the socio economic data related to the state of Andhra Pradesh.   

It has conducted several varieties of censuses as part of national and state planning process. The decision making agencies in the government utilize the services provided by this department. The Directorate units are grouped into the following functional areas  of the related activities


1 .  Agricultural Statistics         

2 .  Industrial Statistics

3 .  Prices and  Wages statistics

4 .  Official Statistics  

5 .  State Economy (GSDP and Capital) Formation

6 .  Special Censuses .  

Agricultural Census (Land  Holdings)

7 . Socio-Economic  Surveys   

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