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A. P. Markfed (Andhra Pradesh State Co-operative Marketing Federation Ltd), which was established in the year 1957 with its Headquarters at Hyderabad, is a federation of Marketing Co-operative Societies in A.P.


Helping the farmers to secure better price for their produce by taking care of their marketing needs and providing agricultural inputs.


Markfed’s present activity consists of

  • Sale of farm inputs like chemical fertilizers, pesticides & seeds.
  • Maintenance of godowns & procurement of agricultural commodities through its member societies.


Markfed has 62 godowns of 1000 M.T. capacity of 6000 sft of each at various places in Andhra Pradesh. The godowns are used as warehouses. The overall income from Markfed’s 62 godowns is about Rs.50.00 lakhs per annum, and the total capacity of the 62 godowns is 62,000 M.T.

Markfed has 297 employees at the Head Office, 22 Branch Offices & plants in different cadres.

The breakup is as follows:
Staff -- Designation Number of employees
Managers 33
Tech. staff 13
Sr. Office Assistants 54
Jr. Office Assistants 116
Class IV 81
Total 297

Member societies:
The total membership of the organisation at present is 1475. The breakup of the membership is as follows:

Name of Member Organisations Number of members
District Co-operative Marketing Societies 22
Primary Agricultural Co-operative Societies 1451
Andhra Pradesh Co-operative Bank 1
Government of Andhra Pradesh 1
Total 1475


District Co-operative Marketing Societies and Primary Agricultural Co-operative Societies help in the supply of inputs to the farmers and marketing the commodities produced by the farmers.

The Andhra Pradesh Co-operative Bank helps in financing the activities of the District Co-operative Marketing Societies and Primary Agriculture-operative Societies.

AP MARKFED can procure commodities of specific quantity and quality from various agricultural market yards on behalf of third parties at minimal charges.

Financial assistance for procurement:
AP MARKFED also procures agricultural commodities on behalf of other interested parties by investing on its finances on the following terms.
  • Order should be in bulk quantities.
  • The party should deposit 25% of the cost as security, with at least 10% in the form of cash.
  • Maximum lifting period is 6 months.
  • Billing includes actual costs, interest, expenditure, manpower and service charges.
  • The party should be present in a regulated market.
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