Rajiv Gruha Kalpa

For low-income urban population, government has launched an innovative housing scheme, Rajiv Gruha Kalpa, with civil infrastructure and free land being provided by government. The government will provide Rs.30,000 towards the cost of land development charges. The beneficiaries should contribute 10 per cent of the remaining Rs.70,000. The rest of the amount would be arranged in the form of loans from banks.

Andhra Pradesh has taken giant leaps forward in the field of economic development. The State’s growing stature has an IT hub has lead to sky-rocketing property prices. Due to this, the middle class population in the State is finding it increasingly difficult to acquire houses and apartments.

The affluent class has the resources to obtain and build residential property, and the Government is providing housing facilities for the poor in the State. But, the middle class often feel unattended. To address this problem, the Government is launching a housing programme called “Rajiv Swagruha”. This programme will enable middle class families to own houses in urban areas. The housing scheme will have Integrated Townships in approved layouts. The townships would encompass best infrastructure facilities, with high quality construction.