Show Cause Notice Supply of Electricity to Disconnected Service from another live service

Letter No. _______________________ Dated:_________________.




Ref:- Notice Dated_______________issued to you by the A D. E. (O)

Your  attention is invited to the above notice.  Apart  from the contents of that notice, the following information  available to me.

  1. Reading of the live service at the time of  disconnection of default service.
  2. Reading at the time of disconnection.
  3. Proportionate consumption recorded during the above period in he live service due to the extension of supply to the disconnected service.
  4. Value of energy pilfered at.

Having regard to all these circumstances I am  provisionally of  the view that you have misused energy and the loss  sustained by the Board by reason of your malpractice is Rs___________.

If you have any objection to the above conclusion and   estimate,  you  may send your written representation within  30  days from the date of receipt of this notice which if received in time will be considered and orders passed.

Superintending Engineer(Opn.)/(Assessments)


Divisional Engineer Elecy (opn)/Assessments.

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