Letter No. _______________________ Dated:_________________.




Your  service  bearing  No_____________at  Door No______________was inspected on______________ at_____________Hours by the_____________During the inspection the  following matters were noticed.

A  study of your past record of consumption  discloses  that the consumption being recorded by the meter is unduly low  taking into   account  the connected load, the number of  hours  you  use electricity  the  purpose for which you avail power  and  related factors.  This taken in conjunction with the factors  above  mentioned indicate prima-facie that you are guilty of pilferage.

Accordingly  in exercise of the powers vested in the   Andhra Pradesh State Electricity Board your supply has been disconnected on___________An enquiry will now be made into the matter by the Superintending Engineer/Divisional Engineer(Assessments)_________________ who will  fix the amount of loss sustained by the Board and  you  may make  appropriate representation to him in this  regard.  Pending enquiry your supply will remain disconnected.

I  have  provisionally  estimated the value  of  the  energy pilferaged  by  you  Rs____________If you are  desirous  of  obtaining restoration   of   supply   pending   enquiry,   you   may     pay Rs____________(Rupees________________________________________________________) (being half the above estimated amount)  plus reconnection  charges  of  Rs___________ plus  supervision  charges  of Rs_________

Assistant Divisional Engineer

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The Asst. Accounts Officer, E. R. O.
The Divisional Engineer(Opn.)
The Superintending Engineer(Opn.)
The Superintending Engineer(Assessments)
The Divisional Engineer(Assessments)
The Asst. Divisional Engineer(D. P. E.)
The A. E. /A. A. E. , Operation
The D. I. G. &A(V&S), A. P. S. E. Board, Hyd. 49