(All other malpractices except pilferage and supply of electricity to a disconnected service)

Letter No. _______________________ Dated:_________________.




On___________ at_________ hours your service bearing No___________ Door No___________was inspected by________________________

I have then noticed that you had:

The above factors indicate that you are guilty of malpractice. An enquiry will be made into the matter by the Superintending Engineer/Divisional Engineer(Assessments). . who will fix the amount of loss sustained by the Board. You may make appropriate representation to him in this regard.

I have provisionally estimated the value of energy misused by you at Rs_________. If you are desirous of continuity of supply pending enquiry, you may pay Rs___________. (being half the estimated value) plus Rs___________towards supervision charges plus Rs____________ for resealing charges within 15 days from the date of receipt of this notice to the Assistant Accounts Officer, Electricity Revenue Office__________________ failing which the supply will be disconnected without any further notice.

Assistant Divisional Engineer

Copy to:

The Asst. Accounts Officer, E. R. O.
The Divisional Engineer(Operation)
The Superintending Engineer (Opn.)
The Superintending Engineer (Assessments)
The Divisional Engineer (Assessments)
The Asst. Divisional Engineer, D. P. E.
The A. E. /A. A. E. Operation
The Dy. Inspector General & Adviser(Vigilance & Security)
A. P. S. E. Board, Hyderabad. 49