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1. This District comprises of one District Office called O/o The District Registrar of Assurances, Khammam and (10) Sub-Districts located at Khammam, Madhira, Yellandu, Wyra, Kalluru, Sathupally, Kothagudem, Kusumanchi, Burgampahad and Bhadrachalam, headed by the Sub-Registrars in each Sub-District. In addition there are (2) Chit Registrars located at Khammam and Kothagudem, theses two offices are headed by a Sub-Registrar, designated as Chit Registrar.

The function of the Department are registration of immovable properties, issuing of Encumbrances certificates and certificate copies of the documents already registered, registration of Hindu Marriages, solemnization of marriage under Special marriage Act, registration of Firms and Societies.

All the activities under Chit Fund Act are being administered by two Chit Registrars.

The Sub-Registrars are responsible for registering all the function to stated above. The Senior Assistants and Junior Assistants will assist the Sub-Registrars.

The Office of the District Registrar is headed by the District Registrar who will

Register Firms, Societies, accepting sealed cover of Will deeds in addition to the administrative matters of the District.

The Sub-Registrars will register the immovable properties, Hindu Marriages, solemnization of marriages under Special Marriage Act, issuing of Encumbrances certificates and copies of documents, the Chit Registrar will register the Bye-laws under Chit Fund Act and the day to day Chit functions. The Senior Assistants, and Junior Assistants concerned will assist the Sub-Registrar in the above functions.

2. The Sub-Registrar is the decision - maker. If at all he is in doubt of any thing, he will take advises of the District registrar.

3. In registration of the documents the registering officer will observe the norms prescribed under registration Act, Hindu Marriage Act, Special Marriage Act, A.P. Chit Fund Act, Societies Act , Partnership Act, and the rules framed under the relevant Acts.



Any transaction of immovable property the value of which exceeds Rs 100/- is compulsorily register able. The general transactions are Sales, Gifts, leases, Mortgages, Exchanges, Partitions, Agreements, General Power of Attorney and Will, which are registered at all Sub-Districts, including District Registrar Office Khammam


The Societies with a name to serve the public without any profitable motto and welfare associations are registered at Khammam by the District Registrar for the entire district.


Any business organization with partners comes under the partnership Act which are registered at Khammam for the entire district by the District Registrar.


This department deals with two types of marriages.1. Special Marriage Act 2. Hindu Marriage Act


Special marriage Act applies to the bride and bridegroom irrespective of caste and religion and the marriages are solemnized by the Sub-Registrar, if both the parties attained the age of (19) and (22) years respectively. For solemnization of such marriage fee of Rs 10/-will be charged and marriage certificate will be issued.


Under this act the marriage already solemnized by the Pirohits or in accordance with the customs and usage in that area, are registered by the Sub-Registrars, if both wife and husband are Hindus and attain the age of 19 and 22, respectively.


Non -Judicial, Judicial, Special Adhesive stamps, Court fee labels, Advocate Welfare fund stamps, and Notary stamps up to the denomination of Rs 100/- are sold by all the Sub-Registrar in the district, beside the Stamp Vendors appointed by the District Registrar.


This Department known as Assurances department and maintains the permanent and temporary records by providing separate record room, which maintained by the Sub-Registrar at Sub- Districts and by the record keeper (Senior Assistant) at the District head quarter Office, permanent records since the year1912 is preserved and the copy of The document is being issued to needy public. The following records are maintained at each Registration Office.


1. Book -I Volumes (Copied documents after registration) with Index I & Ii

2. Book -Ii Volumes (Refused documents)

3. Book -III Volumes (Copied Will documents after registration) with Index-III

4. Book - IV Volumes (Copied G.P.A. documents after registration) with Index-IV

•  Marriage Register of Registered Marriages ( Hindu & Special) with Index

•  Societies Registers of registered Societies with Index

•  Firms Register with Index

All these records are permanent in nature.



Two Offices will look after the administration of Chits Funds activities such as registration of Bye-laws and Observes all activities of Chit Funds functioning at their jurisdiction. National Saving Certificates and KVPS are being deposited in addition to FDRs as security for the running Chits.

5. Registration Act, Indian Stamp Act, Societies Registration Act, Partnership Registration Act, Hindu Marriage Act, Special Marriage Act, A.P. Chit Fund Act and the rule framed under all these Acts. In addition to the above registration Manual and the day to day circulars issued by the head of the department ie., Commissioner and Inspector General of Registration and stamps A.P. Hyderabad are being followed by the employees of the department in discharging their duties and functions.

6. All records relating to the immovable properties ie., Sales, Gifts, Leases , Releases, Partitions, Mortgages, Exchanges Agreements, G.P.A , Wills and supplementary documents, Preserving Indexes of these documents for issuing Encumbrances Certificates.

7. The consultation process with public in Registration Department lies only at two stages ie., during the time of Market Value Revision the Sub-Registrar makes an informal assessment of ground reality and takes in to consideration of the public representations made if any in this regard.

Second during the time of determination of market value of land by District Registrar exercising the powers of collector U/s 47-A, he takes the representation of the local public, formally, before assessment of the market value.

8. There is a committee constituted for the purpose of market value revision only at the time of revision of market values and rectification of Anomalies in market value the public is not allowed as part of the meetings.

However the committee will accept public representation and consider such requests. The minutes of such meetings are generally not accessible to public.

•  The Sub-Registrars in the Sub-District assisted by one Senior Assistant and two Junior Assistants.

At District level District Registrar assisted by one Assistant District Registrar, three Sub-Registrars, nine Senior Assistants and five Junior Assistants.

At Zonal level headed by the Deputy Inspector General of Registration and Stamps assisted by one Assistant District Registrar, one Sub-Registrar, Five Senior Assistants, Four Junior Assistants. In state level headed by the Commissioner and Inspector General (R&S) assisted by one Joint Inspector General, Three Deputy Inspector Generals, Five District Registrars, Twelve Sub-Registrars, Twenty four Senior Assistants and Twelve Junior Assistants.

10. The monthly remuneration of the Offices and employees will be met under the Head of Account 2030 Stamps and registration 03 Registration.

11 This Department comes under NON-PLAN category among Government.

12. Not applicable, concessions will be given only at state level. Basing on the concession given, Sub-Registrars while registering the documents will apply the concession given, if other wise the document are in order.

13 Not applicable at District level because concessions will given to some organization made at state level.

14. http:igrsmail.ap.gov.in//card http://igrs.ap.gov.in 15. The citizen can have the information in the web site .by using the code stated above

16. District level: District Registrar- Deputy Inspector General (ZONE)

Sub-District level: Sub-Registrar- District Registrar

17. No other information is prescribed.