Tribal Welfare Department - Caste Verification - Sri K.S.K.RatnamRaju S/o George, Postal Assistant at Yeleswaram, E.G.Dist. - Appeal petition filed undersection 7(2) of A.P. SCs, STs & BCs Act 16 of 1993 - Orders - Issued.

G.O.Ms.No.74 Dated :25-8-2001.

Read the following:-

1. Proceedings of the Collector, East Godavari No.C5/3567/97, dt.11.08.99
2. Appeal petition filed by Sri K.S.K.Ratnam Raju, S/o George, Rampachodavaram (V) &(M). E.G.Dist., Dt.31.10.99.
3. Govt.Memo No.18177/CV.2/99-1, dt.5.1.2000
4. From the Collector, East Godavari Ref C5/526/2000, dated 16.3.2000.
5. Govt.Memo No.18177/CV.2/99-10, dated 16.7.2001.



The Collector in his report dt.16-3-2000 has reported that the Supdt. of Post Offices,Kakinada Divn. has referred the caste certificate of Sri K.S.K.Ratnam Raju working inPostal Department and requested for its genuineness. The matter has been referred toMandala Revenue Officer's, Maredumilli and Rampachodavaram for enquiry and report.

2. The Mandala Revenue Officer, Maredumilli has reported that it is found that the STcertificate is bogus, as it was not issued from the Office of Mandala Revenue Officer,Maredumilli and the signature of Mandala Revenue Officer, Maredumilli was forged andrecommended for taking necessary action against Sri K.S.K.Ratnam Raju who produced forgedST certificate.

3. The Mandala Revenue Officer, Rampachodavaram and Sub-Collector, Rampachodavaram haveenquired in the matter and reported that the candidate do not belong to Valmiki ST casteand he belongs to Adi-Andhra Christian BC-C and recommended for cancellation of forgedcaste certificate and also initiate criminal action against the individual.

4. In view of the above reports and the recommendations the scrutiny committee, theCollector, E.G. Dist. Kakinada has cancelled the ST caste certificate of Sri K.S.K,RatnamRaju, S/o. George of Satlawada village, Maredumilli (M) in the interest of Naturaljustice, vide proceeding dated 11.8.1999.

5. Aggrieved by the orders of the Collector, East Godavari in the reference first readabove Sri K.S.K. Ratnam Raju S/o George has filed an appeal petition U/s 7(2) of Act 16/93before Government and requested to suspend the proceedings of Collector, East GodavariDistrict issued in first read above and pass such order or orders as the Government maydeem fit and proper.

6. In the reference third read above Govt. have issued Stay orders on the operation of theCollector, East Godavari Proceedings and the Collector, has been requested to furnish theparawise remarks and original records of the case to
Government for further action. Accordingly,the Collector, East Godavari has furnished therecords vide his letter fourth read above.

7. In the reference fifth read above hearing notice was issued to the appellant and hiscounsel for attending the hearing of the appeal and putforth their arguments forfinalising the social status of the individual by Government. The appellant has attendedon 27.7.2001 at 2.00 P.M.for hearing before the appellate authority.

8. After careful consideration of the records available with Govt., it observed that theappellant Sri K.S.K.Ratnama Raju S/o George has not filed any further recorded documentaryevidence at the time of hearing. After hearing the explanation of the petitioner and onverification of the connected documents it is observed that thereare no grounds to provethat the petitioner belongs to Valmiki (ST). The appeal petition filed by Sri K.S.K.RatnamRaju is hereby rejected, as per Section 7(2) of A.P.(SCs, STs & BCs) regulation ofissue of Community certificate's Act 16/93. and the Proceedings of the Collector, EastGodavari issued in 1st read above are upheld and the stay orders granted by Government inthird read above is hereby vacated.

9. The records received from the Collector, East Godavari District vide reference fourthread above file bearing No.R.Dis C5/3567/97 containing (446 + 22) pages are returnedherewith to the Collector, East Godavari Distreict and he is requested to acknowledge thereceipt of the same immediately.



Sri K.S.K.Ratnam Raju, Postal Assistant, R/o Rampachodavaram (V) & (M), East GodavariDist.,Kakinada.
The Collector & District Magistrate, East Godavari (WE) Original records.

Copy to: Sri K.Venkatesh, Advocate,1-1-64/1, RTC-X Road, Hyderabad-020.
The Superintendent of Post Offices, Kakinada, East Godavari Dist.
The PS to Minister (TW)
The PS to Secretary(TW)
The PA to Deputy Secretary(TW).