A B S T R A C T:

Tribal Welfare Department - Caste verification - Sri M.Madhusudha Reddy, S/o. M.Raghava Reddy, Employee South Central Railway, Tirupathi, Chittoor District - Appeal Petition filed Under Sec. 7 (2) of A.P. SCs, STs & BCs Act.No.16 of 1993 - Appeal petition rejected - Orders - Issued.


                                       G.O.Ms.No.61                                                           Dated:25-07-2000.

Read the following:

1. From the Collector., Chittoor. Procdgs.Rc. No.D.DIS(C3)/14803/94 dt.23-4-97.

2. Appeal petition filed by Sri M.Madhusudhan Reddy,

S/o. M.Raghava Reddy, dt.21-7-1997.

3. Govt. Memo.No.13232/CV.2/97-1 dt.13-7-1997.

4. From the Collector, Chittoor Lr.Rc. No.C3/16536/97dt.10-12-99.

5. Govt. Memo.No.13232/CV.2/97-6 dt.14-6-2000.


O R D E R:

The General Manager, Vigilance, South Central Railway,Secunderabad in his letter dt.16-5-1994 and 21-7-1994

has reported that Sri M. Madhusudhan Reddy, S/o. M.Raghava Reddyhas produced false (ST) community certificate to

gain advantage of the benefits and the individual belongs toEguvamathyam (V), Chittoor Dist., his father is retired

Railway Employee settled at Tirupathi. The family members of SriM.Raghava Reddy of Eguvamathyam village belongs

to "Reddy" community which is a forward caste in AndhraPradesh. The General Manager, South Central Railway has

finally requested  the Collector, Chittoor to make discretenquiry in to the caste of the above individual.

2. The above matter was got enquired through the RevenueDivisional Officer, Chittoor. As per the report of the

Revenue Divisional Officer, Chittoor, it is known that SriM.Madhusudhan Reddy is not residing at Eguvamathyam village

in Tavanampalle Mandal, Chittoor District. His father SriM.Raghava Reddy is residing at Tirupathi. The surname "M"

meant for Mapakshi and that he has got releative in Eguvamethyam(V) and belong to Kapu (OC) caste only. The

village Administrative Officer and Villagers of Eguvamathyamvillage have stated that there are no "Konda Kapu" caste

people in their village and Sri M.Doraswamy Reddy who is elderbrother of Sri M.Raghava Reddy and his relatives ie., his

daughter in Law and Son-in-Law etc., are the residents ofEguvamathyam village and they belongs to "Kapu caste" (OC)

only. Further Konda Kapu are those are who are living in agencyareas and its adjoining areas. There is no Konda Kapu

caste notified in Chittoor District.

3. In view of the above report it has been come to the conclusionby the Collector, Chittoor that the individual

belongs to "Kapu caste" (OC) but not"Kondakapu" (ST). In pursuance of powers conferred as per G.O.Ms.No.282,

S.W.(J2) Dept. dt.19-12-88, the (ST) caste certificate issued bythebthen Tahsildar, Chandragiri to Sri M.Madhusudhan

Reddy, S/o.M.Raghava Reddy has been cancelled by Collector,Chittoor District vide proceedings D.Dis.14803/94


4. Aggreived by the Procdgs. of the Collector & DistrictMagistrate, Chittoor district in the reference first

read above Sri M.Madhusudhan Reddy, S/o. M.Raghava Reddy hasfiled an Appeal petition U/s. 7(2) of Act, 16/93 before

the Government and requested to suspend the Procdgs. ofCollector, Chittoor District and pass such order or orders as

the Government may deem fit and proper.

5. In the reference third read above the Government issued stayorders on the operation of Collector, Chittoor

proceedings first read above and the Collector has been requestedto furnish the parawise remarks and original records

of the case to Government for further action. Accordingly, theCollector, Chittoor Dist. has furnished the records vide

his letter fourth read above.

6. In the reference fifth read above hearing notice were issuedto the appellant and his advocate for attending the

hearing of the appeal and putforth their arguments for finalisingthe social status of the individual by Government.

The appellant and his council are attended on 10-07-2000 at 4.00P.M. for hearing in the Office Chambers of the

Minister for Tribal Welfare. The appellant failed to produce anydocumentary evidence in support of his claim.


7. After careful consideration of the records available with theGovernment the Appeal Petition filed by the appellant

is rejected taking in view the material available on record asper section 7 (2) of A.P.(SCs, STs & BCs) Regulation of issue

of community certificate's Act, No.16/93. The proceedings of theCollector, Chittoor District issued vide Proceedings

No.D.DIS(C3)/14803/94 dt.23-4-1997 are confirmed, and the staygrated by Govt. Memo.No.13232/CV.2/97-1

dt.13-7-1997 on the operation of Proceedings of the Collector,Chittoor District is hereby vacated.


8. The records received from the Collector, Chittoor Districtvide reference fourth read above file bearing No.

D.Dis.(C3) 14803/94, dt.23-4-1997 containing pages 1 to 124 Cf.and 1 to 12 Nf. are returned herewith to the

Collector, Chittoor District and he is requested to acknowledgethe receipt of the same immediately.






Sri M.Madhusudhan Reddy,

Chief Workshop Manager,

Carriage Repairs Shops,

South Central Railway,


Sri A.T.M.Rangaramanujam, Advocate,

3-6-369/A/10, Street No.1, Himayatnagar, Hyd.29.

The Collector & Dist. Magistrate, Chittoor.

(with original records)

The Director of Tribal Welfare, A.P. Hyderabad.

The Chief Personnel Officer, Rail Nilayam,

South Central Railway, Sec'bad.500 071.

P.S. to M (TW)

P.S. to Secy. (TW).

P.A. to Dy. Secy.(TW)