Public Libraries - Office of Director of Public Libraries, Hyderabad – State Regional Library, Guntur   Abolition of the post of Film Operator and absorption of Sri Ch.Deekshitulu working as Film Operator in to the post of Assistant Librarian Grade.II as a special case – Orders- Issued.

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G.O.Rt.No. 317.                                                                                         Dated: 02-05-2007

                                                                                                               Read the following:-


                    1.   GO MS.No. 64 Edn (Lib.2) Dept. dt. 16-07-2002.

                   2.   From  DPL, Hyderabad  Lr. Rc. No. 274-A2/2006, Dated: 18-09-2006.


O R D E R:-

            The DPL, Hyderabad in the reference 2nd read above   has submitted that,     Sri Ch.Deekshitulu is working as “Film Operator in the sanctioned post in State Regional Library, Guntur. The film projection equipment is not in working condition and also irreparable.  The Deputy Radio Executive Engineer, Information and Public Relations department, Guntur has recommended for condemnation of film projection equipment in the year 1992, since then the employee who is working as “Film Operator” has not been doing the duties which are attached to the post of ‘Film Operator’.  The A.G.Audit has raised objection in respect of the post of Film operator.  The Director of Public Libraries has requested to accord permission to absorb the  person into the post  of  Asst. Librarian Gr.II (meant for direct recruitment) as  he is  having all required qualifications for the post of Asst. Librarian Grade.II as a special case as there is no provision in the rules issued in GO MS No. 64 dt. 16-07-2002 for technical posts of the Govt. Libraries to give promotion to ‘Film Operator’ to the post of Asst. Librarian Grade.II so that the objection raised by A.G.Audit can also be dropped.


2.         In the circumstances explained by the DPL, Hyderabad, the    Government after careful examination of the matter   hereby  accord permission to the  Director of Public Libraries to   absorb Sri Ch.Deekshitulu working as ‘Film Operator’ in State Regional Library, Guntur into the post of Assistant Librarian Grade.II (meant for direct recruitment).  duly relaxing Rule 3 ie., method of appointment  issued in the reference Ist cited  as a special case.


3.         The above orders issued subject to condition that the post of Film Operator shall be abolished from the date of   appointment of Sri Ch.Deekshitulu as Asst. Librarian Gr.II and he shall take last rank among regular Asst. Librarian Grade.II.


4.         This order issues with the concurrence of G.A.(Ser.F) Department vide their U.O.No. 46159/Ser.F/02-1, dt. 16-10-2002..


5.         The Director of Public Libraries, Hyderabad shall take necessary action accordingly.




                                                                         PRINCIPAL SECRETARY TO GOVERNMENT


The Director of public Libraries,



                     //FORWARDED BY ORDER//

                                                                        SECTION OFFICER