Rajiv Gandhi Nation Drinking Water Mission -Centrally Sponsored Accelerated Rural Water Supply Programme - Desert DevelopmentProgramme Areas - Grants-in-Aid of Rs.829.50 lakhs released by Government of India towardsfirst instalment for execution / completion of schemes to provide safe drinking waterfacilities to rural habitations and schools under Centrally Sponsored Accelerated RuralWater Supply - Desert Development Programme Areas - Orders - Issued.


G.O.Ms.No.200,                                                                             Dated:22-06-2000.

Read the following:-

1) From the Govt.of India, Ministry of R.A & E.,Department ofR.D.,RGNDWM, New Delhi,Sanction Order No.W-11020/02/2000/ARWSP/TM-I, Dated.27-04-2000.

2) From the C.E.(RWS)P.R., Hyderabad, LetterNo.BI(I)/2043/2000,Dated.02-06-2000.



The Government of India in their Sanction OrderIst read above, have released an amount of Rs.829.50 lakhs towards first instalment offunds in 50% of the provisional allocation of Rs.1659.00 lakhs during 2000-2001 forexecution/completion of schemes to provide safe drinking water facilities to ruralhabitations and schools under Centrally Sponsored Accelerated Rural Water Supply Programme- Desert Development Programme Areas as per the priorities indicated in the guidelines forimplementations of Rural Water Supply Programme. The Chief Engineer (RWS)P.R.,Hyderabad inhis letter second read above has requested the Government to release the said amount tothe Executive Engineer (RWS) Ananthapur under the Accelerated Rural Water Supply Programmefor implementation of Desert Development Programme in Ananthapur District.

2. The Government after careful consideration ofthe proposal of Chief Engineer (RWS)P.R.,Hyderabad hereby accord sanction for release ofan amount of Rs.829.50 lakhs (Rupees Eight Crores Twenty Nine Lakhs and Fifty Thousandsonly) in relaxation of Treasury Control and Quarterly regulations towards Ist instalmentfor 2000-2001 for execution of the water supply schemes cleared by State Level AdvisoryCommittee for providing safe drinking water facilities to rural habitations and schoolsunder Centrally Sponsored Accelerated Rural Water Supply Programme - Desert DevelopmentProgramme areas in Ananthapur District.

3. The Superintending Engineer (RWS) Ananthapuris permitted to re-distribute the amount now released in Para 2 above among the ExecutiveEngineers (RWS) in Ananthapur District as per the requirement.

4. The Grants-in-Aid released in Para 2 aboveshall be debited to the following head of account:-

2215 - Water Supply and Sanitation.

01 - Water Supply.

102 - Rural Water Supply Schemes included in thePlan.

‘U’ - Centrally Sponsored Schemes.

SH(13) - ARWSP for problem villages.

090 - Grants-in-Aid.

092 - Other Grants-in-Aid.

5. The District Treasury Officer, Ananthapur isrequested to credit the amount to "005-Engineering Funds RWS Programme" of RWSExecutive Engineer, Ananthapur maintained in the Treasury concerned after receipt of theBudget Authorisation from Chief Accounts Officer, Panchayat Raj & Rural DevelopmentDepartment.

6. The Grants-in-Aid released shall be utilisedwithin the prescribed time as per the orders issued in G.O.Ms.No.666, PR (Accounts-I)Department, dated.13-06-1978, after which unutilised amounts if any should be remitted toTreasuries/Sub Treasuries.

7. The Executive Engineer (RWS) Head QuartersAnanthapur is requested to get the amounts adjusted immediately and intimate theadjustment particulars to the Government.

8. The Engineer-in-Chief, PR and Chief Engineer(RWS)PR, Hyderabad are requested to issue instructions to the concerned to utilise thegrants released as per the guidelines of Government of India and send the utilisationcertificates to Government there after.

9. This order issues with the concurrence of theFinance & Planning (Fin.Expr) Department vide theirU.O.No.22223/283/Exp.PR&RD/A1/2000, Dated.19-06-2000.




The Engineer-in-Chief,PR.,Hyderabad.

The Chief Engineer (RWS)PR.,Hyderabad.

The Chief Engineer (TW) Hyderabad.

The Director of Tribal Welfare, Hyderabad.

The Chief Exectuive Officer, Ananthapur.

The Superintending Engineer (RWS)PR,Ananthapur.

The District Treasury Officer, Ananthapur.

The Director of Local Fund Audit, Hyderabad.

The Audit Officer, Local Fund Audit, Ananthapur.

The District Collector, Ananthapur.

Copy to:

The Accountant General A.P.Hyderabad.

The Finance & Planning (Expr.PR) Department.

The Social Welfare (K) Department.

The PRO to C.M.

The PR&RD(RWS.I) Department.

The Prl.Secretary (RD) PR&RD.

The Chairman, Planning Development Board, Hyderabad.

The Stock File / Spare Copies.

// Forwarded by Order //