Accelerated Rural Water Supply - Grants-in-aid released by Government of India - Not adjusted - Revalidation - Orders - Issued.


G.O.Ms.No.183,                                                       Dated:31-05-2000.

Read the following:-

1) G.O.Ms.No.122, PR&RD(RWS.II) Department,


2) From the ENC(PR) Hyderabad, Lr.No.BI(1)/

2043/2000, Dated:03-05-2000.

* * *


The Engineer-in-Chief,(PR) Hyderabad has statedthat Government of India has sanctioned and released an amount of Rs.12534.37 lakhs duringthe year 1999-2000 for execution of Accelerated Rural Water Supply Programme and StateGovernment has released the entire Government of India grant. But some of the amountsreleased were not adjusted to the P.D.Account of the Executive Engineers by certainDistrict Treasury Officers before closure of the financial year and allowed to lapse. Thetotal lapsed unadjusted grant amounts to Rs.5064.18 lakhs.

2. He has therefore proposed to revalidate theunadjusted lapsed Accelerated Rural Water Supply grant to the extent of Rs.323.81 lakhsreleased in G.O.Ms.No.122, PR&RD (RWS.II) Department, Dated.30-03-2000 out of theabove Rs.5064.18 lakhs as indicated in the Annexure and requested the Government to issuenecessary instructions to the District Treasury Officers to adjust the amount now proposedfor release to the Head of Account "005-Engineering Funds RWS Programme" of theheadquarters Rural Water Supply Executive Engineers and except Kurnool, the amountindicated in the Column.6 of Engineering Funds of Integrated Tribal Development Areas. TheTSP amount intended for Kurnool may be adjusted to the Executive Engineer (Tribal Welfare)Srisailam.

3. Government after careful consideration of theEngineer-in-Chief,(PR) Hyderabad, letter hereby accord sanction for release of an amountof Rs.323.81 lakhs (Rupees Three Crores Twenty Three Lakhs and Eighty One Thousands Only)in relaxation of Treasury Control orders towards revalidation of the grant released in theG.O.first read above pending provision of funds by way of supplementary grant inrelaxation of Quarterly Regulations for execution / completion of the schmes approved bythe Government of India under Centrally Sponsored Accelerated Rural Water Supply Programmefor the Districts as shown in the Annexure to this order for adjustment to the credit ofEngineering funds of Zilla Parishads and Integrated Tribal Development Areas concerned.

4. The expenditure sanctioned for release inpara.3 above shall be debited to the following Head of Account:-

2215 - Water Supply and Sanitation.

01 - Water Supply.

102 - Rural Water Supply Schemes included in theplan.

‘U’ - Centrally Sponsored Schemes.

SH(13) - A.R.W.S.Programme for problem villages.

090 - Grants-in-Aid.

092 - Other Grants-in-Aid.

5. The District Treasury Officers are requestedto credit the amount as shown in Columns.4,5 & 7 of the Annexure to this order to theHead of Account "8448 - Deposits and Local Fund, 005 - Engineering Funds-Rural WaterSupply Programme of Rural Water Supply Engineering divisions concerned maintained in theTreasury concerned after receipt of the Budget Authorisation from the Chief AccountsOfficer, Panchayat Raj and Rural Development Department.

6. The District Treasury Officers are alsorequested to credit the amount as in Column.6 of the Annexure to the Engineering funds ofthe Integrated Tribal Development Areas to the Head of Account "8448 - Deposits ofLocal Fund, M.H.120 - Other Funds on receipt of the Budget Authorisation from the ChiefAccounts Officer, Panchayat Raj and Rural Development Department. The amount intendedunder TSP to Kurnool district may be credited to Executive Engineer (Tribal Welfare)Srisailam.

7. The Grants-in-Aid released shall be utilisedwithin the prescribed time as per the orders in G.O.Ms.No.666, P.R & R.D(Accounts.I)Department, Dated.13-06-78, after whether unutilised amounts if any should be remitted toTreasuries / Sub-Treasuries.

8. The Chief Executive Officers, Zilla Parishads/ Executive Engineer (RWS/TW) and the Project Officers, Integrated Tribal DevelopmentAreas are requested to get the amounts adjusted immediately and intimate the adjustmentparticulars to the Government.

9. The Chief Engineer (RWS) and Chief Engineer(TW), Hyderabad are requested to utilise the grants released as per the revised guidelinesof Government of India and send the Utilisation Certificates to Government thereafter. TheChief Engineer (RWS) shall however send necessary supplementary estimates to the Financedepartment at an appropriate time.

10. This order issues with the concurrence of theFinance & Planning (FW.Expr) Department, vide their U.O.No.19226-C/252/A1/EBS.XV/2000,Dated.27-05-2000.





The Engineer-in-Chief,(PR) Hyderabad.

The Chief Engineer (RWS)/Chief Engineer (TW) Hyderabad.

The Director of Tribal Welfare, Hyderabad.

All Chief Executive Officers, Z.Ps.,concerned.

All Superintending Engineers,(RWS) concerned.

All District Treasury Officers, concerned.

All District Collectors, concerned.

The Project Officers, I.T.D.As concerned.

The Director of Local Fund Audit, Hyderabad.

All the Audit Officers, Local Fund Audit Department.

All Executive Engineers (RWS) concerned.

The Accountant General (A&E)A.P.Hyderabad.


Copy to:

The Finance & Planning (FW.Expr) Department.

The Social Welfare Department.

The P.R.O. to C.M.

The P.R & R.D (RWS.I) Department.

The Prl.Secretary (RD) PR&RD.

The Chairman, Planning Development Board, Hyderabad.

The Stock File / Spare Copies.

// Forwarded by Order //




G.O.Ms.No.183, Dated.31-05-2000. P.R & R.D (RWS.II)DEPARTMENT

Details of amounts released under:

2215 - Water Supply and Sanitation.

01 - Water Supply.

102 - Rural Water Supply Schemes included in the plan.

‘U’ - Centrally Sponsored Schemes.

SH(13) - A.R.W.S.S. for problem villages.

090 - Grants-inaid.

092 - Other Grants-in-Aid.

( Lakhs)


S.No. District Name of the H.Qtrs.                Plain        SCP         TSP             NTSP                 Total.


                        towhomthe grant isto



(1) (2)             (3)                                  (4)        (5)                 (6)              (7)                    (8)


01. Srikakulam EE(RWS) Srikakulam                 12.344.74                 1.19        0.76               19.03

02. Vizianagaram -do- Vijayanagaram             9.26    3.56                 2.38        0.57               15.77

03. Visakhapatnam -do- Vizag                   12.344.74                 4.75    0.76               22.59

04. East Godavari -do- Kakinada                   12.34    4.74                 3.56        0.76              21.40

05. Krishna -do- Vijayawada                   12.34    4.74                                 0.76      17.84

06. Cuddapah -do- Cuddapah-I                   13.885.34                                0.85              20.07

07. Ananthapur -do- Ananthapur                   13.885.34                                0.85              20.07

08. Kurnool -do- Kurnool                           12.344.74                 2.38       0.76              20.22

09. Mahabubnagar -do- Mehboobnagar            21.60   8.42                1.33                              31.35

10. Ranga Reddy -do- Hyderabad             9.26    3.56                                 0.57      13.39

11. Nalgonda -do- Nalgonda                           16.97    6.52                                1.05              24.54

12. Medak -do- Medak                           12.34    4.74                                 0.76      17.84

13. Khammam -do- Kallur                           15.435.93                 3.56         0.95              25.87

14. Karimnagar -do- Karimnagar                   18.517.12                                 1.15      26.78

15. Adilabad -do- Adilabad                            15.435.93                 4.74         0.95     27.05


                                                        Total:208.26 80.16               22.56       12.83          323.81


(Three Crores, Twenty Three Lakhs and Eighty OneThousands Only)