Visakhapatnam Urban Development Authority, Visakhapatnam – Change of land use from partly Industrial  and partly Agricultural to Residential for an extent of Ac.24.46 cents in Sy.Nos. 163, 164 and 165/P of Venkannapalem village, Pedagantyada Mandal- Visakhapatnam – Draft Variation – Confirmed – Orders – Issued.


G.O.Ms.No. 117, M.A.,                     DATED 22nd  February,2000

Read the following:-

1.      G.O.Ms.No. 274, M.A., dated 23-5-1989.

2.      From the VC, VUDA, Lr.Rc.No.936/95-G1,

3.      Govt. Memo No.24592/H2/99-1, M.A. dt.23-12-99.

4.      From the Commissioner, Printing &Stationary, Extra-ordinary, Part-I,

Gazette No. 530, dt. 30-12-99.


O R  D E R:

           The draft variation to the Master Plan of Visakhapatnam Urban area issued inGovernment  Memo. Third read above waspublished in the Extra-ordinary issue of Andhra Pradesh Gazette  No. 530 Part-I, dated 30-12-99.  No objections or suggestions  were received from the public   within a period  of 15 days.  Theapplicant   has paid an amount of Rs.1,99,598/- (Rupees One lakh Ninety Nine thousand Five hundred and Ninety Eight only)towards  development  charges. Hence,  the draft variation is confirmed.

2.                 The appendednotification will be published in the Andhra Pradesh Gazette.




                                                                     N.S. HARIHARAN

                                                     PRL. SECRETARY TO GOVERNMENT


The Commissioner, Printing Stationary& Stationary & Stores Purchase, Hyderabad, with a request to publish  the notification and supply 20 copies toGovernment.

The Vice Chairman, Visakhapatnam UrbanDevelopment Authority, Visakhpatnam.

Copy to:

The applicant through Vice Chairman,Visakhpatnam Urban Development Authority, Visakhapatnam.

The District Collector, Visakhapatnam.


                                             //Forwarded:: by order//

                                               SECTION OFFICER.



           In exercise of the powers conferred by sub(3) of Section 12 of the A.P. Urban Areas(Dev.) Act 1975, (Act-I of 1975) read with rule 13-A of the Urban Development Authority(Visakhapatnam) rules 1977  the Governmenthere by makes the following variation to the master plan of Visakhapatnam Urban Area, thesame having been previously, published in the extra-ordinary  issue of A.P. Gazette No. 530, dt. 30-12-99 asrequired by sub(3) of the said section. 



           The Site falling in Sy.Nos. 163, 164, 165/P of Venkannapalem village Pedagantayadamandal, Visakhpatanam village admeasuring, an area of Ac.24.46 cents.  The boundaries of which are given in the schedulebelow which was earmarked for, partly Industrial land use in Master Plan of Visakhpatnamsanctioned in G.O.M.S.No. 274,  M.A. dated23-5-1989 is now designated for residential land use which was shown in master plan andwhich is available in the office of Visakhpatnam Urban Development Authority,Visakhapatnam, Subject to the following conditions:


1.      Thetitle urban land ceiling/ Agricultural land ceiling aspects shall be scrupulously examinedby concerned authorities etc., Urban Development Authority/MunicipalCorporations/Municipalities, before the issue of building permissions/ Developmentpermissions and it must be ensured that the best financial interest of the Government arepreserved.

2.      Thatthe above change of the land use is subject to condition that may be applicable underUrban Land Ceiling Act, 1976, and A.P. Agricultural Ceiling Act.

3.      Thatthe applicant should obtain approval  oflayout  plan from Visakhapatnam UrbanDevelopment Authority, Visakhpatnam.

4.      Theowners/applicants are solely responsible for any misrepresentation  with regard to ownership/ title urban land ceilingclearance etc., the owners/ applicants shall be responsible for any damage claimed by anyone on account of change of land use proposed.

5.      Thechange of land use  shall not be used as thesole proof of any title  to the land

6.      Thechange of land use shall not be used as the sole reason for obtaining exemption from theprovisions of Urban Land Ceiling, Act, 1976.

7.      Anyother conditions as may be imposed by the Vice chairman,Urban Development Authority,Visakhapatnam.



North              :            Starting frompoint ‘X’ i.e.,North West Cornerof  S.No.168and runds in Easterndirection through points ‘X2, ‘X3’, ‘X4, ‘X5’,  with a distances of 361’, 309’,315’,  433’, and meets point ‘X6’ at a distance of 354’-0’   Adjacent S.No.274 of Pedagantyada village.

East           :            Proceeding fromabove  point ‘X6’ it turns towardsSouth and running in southern direction to a distance of 1218’-0” and meets  the point  ‘X7.Adjacent Sy.No.272 & 210 of Pedagantyada village.

South          :            Proceeding fromthe above point ‘X7’ it turns towards west and runs in runs in westren directionto a distance of 609’- 0’ and meets  point ‘X8’.  From there,  itturns towards North and runs in  North andruns   in Northern direction to a distance of300’-0” and meets point ‘X9’. From there it turns towards West andruns in Western direction through points ‘X10’, X11’, ‘X12’,‘X13,  ‘X14’,   ‘X15’, and meets the point  ‘X16’, at a distance of75’-0”, 226’-0”, 197’-0” ,70’-0”,193’-0” 174’-0” and 280’-0” respectively.Adjacent S.Nos.166, 165P, 172 & 162 of Pedagantyada Village.

West                :            Proceeding fromthe above  point ‘X16’ it turnstowards North and runs in Northern direction to a distance of 140’-0” and meets the point ‘ X17’ from there it  further  runs in the same direction to a distance  of 253’-0”and meets the original starting point ‘X1’ i.e., on  the North West corner of S.No. 163 of Pedagantyada village.




                            PRL. SECRETARYTO GOVERNMENT