Employmentand Training – Purchase of the property of defunct Ceramic Factory, Gudur, NelloreDistrict to house the DLTC/ITI Gudur at a cost of Rs.1.00 Crore – Sanction –Orders – Issued.



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1.Fromthe Director of Employment and Training Letter No.R1/4333/94,Dated 13-03-1996.

2.Fromthe Director of Employment and Training Letter No.B4/R3/93,Dated 29-6-1999.

3.From the Director of Employment and Training Letter No.B4/R3/93,Dated 08-12-1999



TheDirector of Employment and Training has stated that there is no Government building norsite for housing Govt. I.T.I, Gudur; that the I.T.I is located in a very shabby condition,and the Industries Department is pressing the Principal to vacate the premises, and thatwhere the I.T.I is actually located is surrounded by Mica Factory emitting dust and foulsmell creating unhygienic conditions. The Director of Employment and Training has furtherstated that the defunct Ceramic Factory maintained by the Andhra Pradesh IndustrialInfrastructure Corporation is located in the middle of the Gudur Town in about 6.5 acresand it is a prime land in the Town and there are sheds and other infrastructuralfacilities like office buildings furniture and asbestos sheds etc., The Gudur CeramicFactory is closed because of continuous losses. The Director of Employment and Traininghas further stated that in the meeting held at 3.00 P.M. on 30-5-1998 in the Chambers ofHon’ble Minister for Small Scale Industries, a decision has been taken to pay a sumof Rs.1.00 crore to the Andhra Pradesh Small Scale Industrial Development Corporation,Hyderabad, for the Ceramic Factory building and balance of 5 acres of open land. TheDirector of Employment and Training has, therefore, requested for sanction of necessaryamount and to provide additional funds to purchase the defunct Ceramic Factory to locatethe Govt. I.T.I, Gudur.

2.The matter has been examined in detail and it has been decided to purchase the defunctCeramic Factory, Gudur ,at the cost of Rs.1.00 crore (Rupees one crore only). Furtherthere is about 5.15 acres of land available under the control of Employment and Training,leased to Andhra Pradesh Craftsmen Guild Association which is intended to be sold to theGuild on outright sale basis.

3.In the circumstances, Government hereby accord permission to the Director of Employmentand Training to purchase the defunct Ceramic Factory, Gudur, at a cost of Rs.1.00 crore(Rupees one crore only) to locate the Govt. I.T.I., Gudur out of the sale consideration of5.15 acres of land, to be sold to the Industrial Craftsmen Guild Association on outrightsale basis.

4.The expenditure of Rs.1.00 crore shall be debited to the head of Account "4250-COL onother Social Services, 800-Other Expenditure - Schemes included in the Plan -SH(04)-Purchase of Land and building for ITI, Gudur (to be opened) and to be set offagainst the outstanding loans to Government from Andhra Pradesh Small Scale IndustrialDevelopment Corporation by contra credit under the receipt head of account "6851Loans for Village and small Industries, MH-190-Loans to Public Sector and otherundertakings, SH(04) Loans to Andhra Pradesh Small Scale Industrial DevelopmentCorporation".

5.The Director of Employment and Training, Hyderabad, shall take necessary action forobtaining supplementary grant under the above debit head of account during 2001-02 tocarry out the adjustment ordered in para 4 above. The Director of Employment and Training,Hyderabad shall also take necessary action for addressing the Accountant General, AndhraPradesh, Hyderabad for carrying out the adjustment after supplementary grant for 2001-02is voted by the Legislature.

6.This order issues with the concurrence of Finance (EB. XII) Department vide theirU.O.No.25830/214/EB.XII/A1/2001, dated 17-08-2001.

7."A copy of this order is available on the Internet and can be accessed at the address–"







TheDirector of Employment and Training, A.P., Hyderabad.

TheVice Chairman & Managing Director,

Andhra PradeshSmall Scale Industrial Development Corporation Limited, Hyderabad.

TheDistrict Collector, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh.

ThePublic Enterprises (II) Department.

TheFinance (EB.XII) Department.

TheA.P.T.S., Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad.

TheP.S. to Principal Secretary to Govt.