Public Works – Reforms in Public Works Departments – introduction of ‘e’ Procurement in irrigation and R&B Departments – Guidelines / procedure to be Followed – Orders – Issued.





G.O.MS.No. 36                                           Dated 07-03 -2003.

                                                                Read the following:



1) Agreement between Government of Andhra Pradesh and M/s CI India Pvt. Ltd., dated: 17 -06 – 2002

2) G.O.MS.No 2, Information Technology & Communication Department, Dated:  15- 01 -2003.

3) Engineer – in – Chief ( AW) I&CAD Dept. Letter.No.Rc. / ENC (AW) / ‘e’ procurement, dated 10-02 -2003.




Government from time to time have been initiating several reforms in tendering process for public works with a view to bring in simplification of the procedure, greater transparency and healthy competition in procurement methods.


2.     As part of its ‘e’ governance initiative, Government identified ‘e’ Procurement as one of the key thrust areas and has taken up e- procurement Project as one of the core IT initiatives.  Accordingly, Government entered into an agreement with M/s. CI India Pvt. Ltd., to develop, operate and maintain ‘e’ – marketplace as a Pilot– Project initially, covering the following four departments:


1)    Andhra Pradesh Technology Services.

2)    A.P.State Road Transport Corporation.

3)    A.P. Health and Medical Housing and infrastructure Development Corporation.

4)    Commissionerate of Tenders (Irrigation, R&B Department).


3.     Government in Information Technology & Communication Department vide G.O.2nd read above have issued orders authorizing the above 4 departments to take up ‘e’ procurement through electronic process, stating that, notwithstanding any existing provisions of A.P.PWD code as well as other orders and executive instructions in force ’e’ procurement processes shall be valid for procurement of goods and services and for entrustment of contracts for engineering, IT and other projects. 


4.     It is also ordered that the participating departments shall issue necessary amendments / changes in the existing procedure, as deemed necessary, for switching over from the conventional / existing procurement processes to equivalent ‘e’ procurement process.


5.     Accordingly, the above issue was discussed in the Board of Chief Engineers meeting held on 31.1.2003 and the Engineer –in- Chief (AW) I&CAD Department vide his letter 3rd read above has submitted the draft G.O. containing the detailed guidelines / procedure to be followed in conducting ‘e’ Procurement in Irrigation and

R&B Departments as finalized by the Board of Chief Engineers in its meeting held on 31.1.2003.


 6.    Government after careful consideration of the Guidelines / Procedures to be followed in conducting ‘e’ procurement, as finalized by the Board of Chief Engineers hereby issue the following orders:-


1)    As a Pilot project, the ‘e’ procurement shall be adopted in Irrigation, R &B Departments in respect of works coming under the purview of the Chief Engineers / Engineer –in –Chief / Commissionerate of Tenders, costing Rs. 1.00 Crore and above taken up with State Government funds (including NABARD, AIBP) and N H. Works costing above Rs. 1.00 crore, adopting the guidelines / procedures as indicated in the Annexure enclosed.


2)    All the existing codal rules, G.Os executive instructions applicable to the processing of conventional tenders are all applicable to the bids to be procured through ‘e’ Procurement, except to the extent modified / revised in the guidelines enclosed.


3)    In respect of works which are included in ‘e’ procurement tenders will not be received in the conventional method.


4)    The other circles will be included in ‘e’ procurement when ever the works are identified for tendering.


7.     The above orders shall come into force with immediate effect.


8.     This order is issued with the concurrence of Fin & Plg (PW) Department vide their U.O.No.1524 / Fin.Expr.PW / 2003, dated 27.2.2003. 








The All the Engineers –in chief of Irrigation and R&B Departments

All the Chief Engineers of Irrigation & R&B Departments

Copy to

The P.S. to Special Chief Secretary, TR&B Department

The P.S. to  Principal Secretary IT&C Department

The P.S. to Principal Secretary,  I&CAD Department

The P.S. to Secretary ( Irrigation )The P.S. to Secretary ( Project )

The P.S. to Principal. Secretary Fin &Plg (PW)

The P.S, to Secretary to Chief Minister

The P.S. to Min ( Major & Medium Irrigation)

The P.S.  to Min ( Minor Irrigation ) The P.S.  to Min ( R &B )


/ forwarded by order //










 (G.O.MS.No. 36, I&CAD (PW – COD) Department, Dated 07--03-- 2003)


Guidelines / Procedure to be followed in introduction of ‘e’ – procurement in Irrigation and R&B departments in respect of works coming under the purview of Chief Engineers / Engineer-in-Chiefs / Commissionerate of Tenders i.e. works costing Rs.1.00 crore and above in Irrigation & R&B Departments and works costing more than Rs.1.00 crore in National Highway Department taken up with State Government funds (including NABARD , AIBP)


1.0          Notice inviting Tender (NIT)  / Tender documents:


The Notice Inviting Tenders (NIT) and Tender documents etc., shall be in the Standard formats as applicable to conventional Tenders and will be finalized / approved by the officers competent as in the case of conventional Tenders.


2.0            Publication of NIT:


The officers competent to publish NIT in case of conventional Tenders will host the NIT in the ‘e’ market place @ “” Simultaneously, a notification should also be published in the newspapers, and “Tenderla Samachara Patrika” as per existing rules, in the following format, to affect economy:-



  Government of Andhra Pradesh

  Irrigation &CAD Department 

  “e” procurement Notice


1. Name of the work  :  ……………………………………………….


2. Estimated cost  : Rs. …………………………………………………

3. Last date / Time for

  receipt of tenders.  : ……………………………………………………..

4. Name and address of the

  SE concerned :  ………………………………………………………

Further details can be seen @ ‘e’ procurement  market place @ “ www.eprocurement.”




3.0            Time allowed for Tendering: 


Time allowed from the date of hosting of NIT at ‘e’market place to the last date of receipt of tenders at ‘e’ market place is 14 days, as in conventional Tenders.







4.0           Registration of contractors with ‘e’ market place


The ‘e’ procurement market place provides an online self service registration facility to such of the suppliers , who are already registered with respective participating departments for supply of specified goods and services.  As an incentive for early registration, basic registration by suppliers, that allows them to participate in the ‘e’ procurement process shall be enabled on the ‘e’ procurement market place without levy of any registration or subscription fee upto 31st March, 2003 or such later date, as may be decided by the Steering Committee.  However, the ‘e’ procurement market place may levy charges for such value-added services as may be decided by the Steering Committee on ‘e’ procurement as laid down in the G.O. second read above.


5.0  Payment of cost of Tender documents:


The collection of cost of Tender documents is dispensed, as there is no physical supply of tender documents and also to have absolute anonymity of the bidders participating in ‘e’ procurement.  The bidders can view / download the tender documents, from the ‘e’ market place.


6.0  Submission of Bids:


The bidders who are desirous of participating in ‘e’ procurement shall submit their Technical bids, price bids etc., in the standard formats prescribed in the Tender documents, displayed at ‘e’ market place.  The bidders should upload the scanned copies of all the relevant certificates, documents etc., in the ‘e’ market place in support of their Technical bids.  The bidder shall sign on all the statements, documents, certificates, uploaded by him, owning responsibility for their correctness / authenticity.


After uploading the Technical / Price bid , the attested copies of the uploaded statements , certificates, documents, (except the price bid / offer ) are to be submitted by the bidder to the concerned Superintending Engineer, so as to reach before the date of opening of the price bid.  Failure to furnish any of the uploaded documents, certificates, before the price bid opening date will entail rejection of the bid and forfeiture of EMD.  Similarly, if any of the certificates, documents, etc., furnished by the bidder is found to be false / fabricated / bogus , the bidder will be blacklisted and the EMD forfeited.


7.0   Payment of EMD ( Earnest Money Deposit) :      


The EMD payable along with the bid is 1% of the estimated contract value and the balance EMD payable at the time of concluding agreement is 1½% of contract value.  The DD / BG shall be from a Nationalized Bank valid for a period of 6 months.  Zerox copy of the DD / BG is to be scanned and uploaded along with the Bid, and the original DD / BG shall be sent to the concerned SE so as to reach before the date of opening of the Price Bid.  Failure to furnish the original DD / BG before price bid opening date will entail rejection of bid and blacklisting.


8.0  Technical bids / Price bids opening:


The Technical bids will be opened online by the concerned Superintending Engineer at the time and date as specified in the tender documents.  All the Statements, documents, certificates, DD / BG etc., uploaded by the Tenders will be verified and downloaded, for technical evaluation.  The clarifications, particulars, if any, required from the bidders, will be obtained either online or in the conventional method by addressing the bidders.  The technical bids will be evaluated against the specified parameters / criteria, same as in the case of conventional tenders and the technically qualified bidders will be identified.  The result of Technical bid evaluation will be displayed on the ‘e’ market place, which can be seen by all the bidders who participated in the Tenders.


Similarly, at the specified date and time, the price bids of all the technically qualified bidders will be opened online by the concerned Superintending Engineer and the result will be displayed on the ‘e’ market place which can be seen by all the bidders who participated in the Tenders.  Till the technical bids are opened, the identity of the bidders who participated in the Tenders are to be kept confidential.  Similarly, till the price bids are opened, the bid – offers are to be kept confidential.


9.0          Processing of Tenders:


The Superintending Engineer will evaluate and process the tenders and submit to the concerned Chief Engineer / ENC (Irrigation) as done in the case of the Conventional tenders.  The Chief Engineer / ENC (Irrigation) after his evaluation will finalize tenders upto Rs.200 lakhs and submit to the COT in case the value of tenders is more than Rs.200 lakhs.  The COT will examine the bids and decides the successful bidder and communicates its decision to the Chief Engineer / ENC (Irrigation).  The Chief Engineer / ENC (Irrigation) in turn communicates the Commissionerate of Tender’s decision to the Superintending Engineer.  All this process will be online.


10.0     Charges payable to M/s CI India Pvt. Ltd:


The service charges payable to M/s CI India Pvt.Ltd., as laid down in the GO 2nd read above are as indicated below:


a)         Tender – hosting charges  :  Rs. 4,500 =00 per Tender.

b)         Transaction fee     : 0.24% of the Agreement value of the work


The tender- hosting charges are payable by the concerned Executive Engineer on hosting of a Tender notice.  The Executive Engineer shall arrange payment within a period of 30 days from the receipt of the bill from M/s C1 India Limited.  In respect of tenders cancelled at any stage and record again only tender hosting charges are payable.  The transaction fee is payable by the successful bidder through a DD drawn in favour of M/s C1 India Private Limited, Hyderabad at the time of conclusion of the agreement.  The said DD shall be sent to M/s C1 India Limited by the Superintending Engineer who is entering into agreement with the successful bidder.  Suitable provision should be made in the estimate of the concerned work to meet the above expenses by the bidder


11.0     List of CIRCLES (SE’s offices) identified for introduction of ‘e’ procurement

in the pilot stage in Irrigation & CAD, R&B Departments.



1)    Superintending Engineer, Irrigation Circle, Chittoor

2)    Superintending Engineer, F.F.Canal Circle, Jagtyal

3)    Superintending Engineer, Irrigation Circle, Anantapur.

4)    Superintending Engineer, Somasila Project Circle, Nellore.

5)    Superintending Engineer, Irrigation circle, Nizamabad.

6)    Superintending Engineer, PJP Circle, Gadwal.

7)    Superintending Engineer, SRSP, Construction Circle, Huzurabad

8)    Superintending Engineer, NSLC, O&M Circle, Miryalguda

9)    Superintending Engineer, Irrigation circle, Dowlaiswaram.

10) Superintending Engineer, SRBC, Construction Circle,III, Nandyal.

11) Superintending Engineer, GVC. I, SRSP, Nizamabad District.

12) Superintending Engineer, NSRC, O&M Circle, Lingamguntla

13) Superintending Engineer, Irrigation Circle, Kurnool.

14) Superintending Engineer, M &W Circle, Hyderabad.

15) Superintending Engineer, Irrigation Circle, Guntur.

16) Superintending Engineer, YRPC Circle, Kakinada

17) Superintending Engineer, D.M.Circle, NSRSP, Srisailam Dam East, Kurnool District.

18) Superintending Engineer, Irrigation Circle, Vijayawada




1.      Superintending Engineer, R&B, Visakhapatnam.

2.      Superintending Engineer, R&B, NH Vizianagaram.

3.      Superintending  Engineer R&B Kakinada       

4.      Superintending  Engineer R&B Eluru.

5.      Superintending  Engineer R&B Vijayawada

6.      Superintending Engineer  R&B Guntur

7.      Superintending Engineer  R&B NH, Ongole.

8.      Superintending Engineer  R&B Nellore

9.      Superintending Engineer R&B Chittoor.

10.  Superintending  Engineer R&B Cuddapah

11.  Superintending  Engineer R&B NH Anantapur

12.  Superintending  Engineer R&B Kurnool

13.  Superintending  Engineer R&B Warangal

14.  Superintending  Engineer R&B Khammam

15.  Superintending  Engineer R&B Karimnagar

16.  Superintending  Engineer R&B Nizamabad

17.  Superintending  Engineer R&B Nalgonda.

18.  Superintending  Engineer R&B Rural Circle, Hyderabad

19.  Superintending  Engineer R&B Head Quarters Circle, Hyderabad.

20.  Superintending  Engineer R&B, NH Circle, Hyderabad.