Industries & Commerce Department - Leather Industries Development Corporation of Andhra Pradesh Limited (LIDCAP) - Voluntary Retirement Scheme introduced for the employees working in LIDCAP - Amount sanctioned - Orders - Issued.


G.O.Ms.No. 302                                             Dated5-6-2000

Read the following:-

1) Government Memo.No.1038/PE.I/A2/94-4 GA(PE)Deptt.Dt.23-1-1996.

2) From the VC & MD, LIDCAP, HyderabadLr.No.LIDCAP/Admn./1--1065/

93, dated 27-7-1998 and letter even No.Dt.22-2-1999 and20-3-1999.

3) G.O.Ms.No.261, Ind. & Com. (SSI) Deptt. Dt. 16-8-1999.

4) From the VC & MD, LIDCAP, HyderabadLr.No.LIDCAP/Admn./VRS/

1-1065/93, Dated 4-12-1999.

5) Government Memo.No.23418/SSI/A2-99, dated 29-12-1999 addressedto the

Joint Director, Office of the Director of Treasuries &Accounts, Hyderabad.

6) From the Pension Payment Officer, Office of the JointDirector, Pension

Payment Office, Hyderabad Lr.No.1111/VRS.Cell/2000, Dt.31-1-2000.


O R D E R:

In pursuance of the guidelines issued by theGovernment in the Memorandum Ist read above, the Vice Chairman & Managing Director,Leather Industries Development Corporation of Andhra Pradesh Limited (LIDCAP) wasrequested to prepare the Voluntary Retirement Scheme for LIDCAP keeping in view theguidelines and send the same to Government.

2. The Vice Chairman & Managing Director,LIDCAP, Hyderabad, accordingly vide his letter 2nd read above informed the Government thatas per the guidelines issued by the Government in the Memo Ist read above a scheme wasprepared and placed before the Board of Directors at their meeting held on 30-9-1997 andthe Board approved the scheme and desired to send it to the Government for acceptance. TheVice Chairman & Managing Director, LIDCAP, Hyderabad furnished a copy of the abovesaid resolution to Government and requested to accord approval for the VoluntaryRetirement Scheme to the employees of the LIDCAP, Hyderabad.

3. Government after careful examination of theproposal as furnished by the Vice Chairman & Managing Director, LIDCAP approved thescheme vide G.O. 3rd read above.

4. The Vice Chairman & Managing Director,LIDCAP, Hyderabad in his letter 4th read above informed the Government that the VRS Schemewas circulated among the staff/workers vide Circular No.LIDCAP/Admin./1-1065/93, dated23-8-1999 with cut off date as 30-9-1999. The Vice Chairman & Managing Directorfurnished the consolidated claim sheet in respect of 22 employees as detailed in theletter 4th read above and requested to sanction an amount of Rs.52,03,651.25 paise towardssettling the terminal benefits of the above said employees.

5. Government vide Memo.5th read above furnishedthe claim sheets in respect of 22 employees to the Joint Director of Treasuries &Accounts, Hyderabad and requested to get the claim sheets pre audited and return the sameto Government.

6. Accordingly the Pension Payment Officerfurnished the computation statement of the 22 employees of LIDCAP with her letter 6th readabove and admitted the claim for Rs.51,30,507/- against the amount claimed by the LIDCAPfor Rs.52,03,651-25 paise.

7. Government accordingly hereby sanction anamount of Rs.51,30,507.00 (Rupees fifty one lakhs thirty thousand and five hundred andseven only) as a loan assistance towards payment of Voluntary Retirement Scheme benefit tothe 22 employees of the LIDCAP, Hyderabad as shown in the computation statement enclosedwith the letter 6th read above. The loan assistance as stated above shall carry interest @15% per annum payable by the LIDCAP, Hyderabad, to be secured against the assets of theLIDCAP, Hyderabad. The Managing Director, LIDCAP, shall hand over the land, buildings andother assets belonging to the Guntakal Tannery to the Commissioner of Industries. TheCommissioner of Industries, Hyderabad shall get the property valued by the Collector,Anantapur, through Roads & Buildings Department. For the balance amount ManagingDirector, LIDCAP shall remit future sale proceeds of non-movable assets and machineryexceeding Rs. 1.00 lakh into State Renewal Fund as and when the assets are disposed off.The encumberance certificate on the assets which are expressly owned by LIDCAP shall betaken by the Commissioner of Industries, Hyderabad.

8.The expenditure sanctioned in Para (7) above shall be debitedto the following Head of Account:

" 6860 - Loans for Commissioner Industries

03 - Leather

MH 190 - Loans to Public Sector and other undertakings -

Schemes included in the Plan

SH (04) - Loans for implementation of VRS

001 - Loans to LIDCAP (to be opened)"

and shall be incurred in relaxation of TreasuryControl & Quarterly Regulation Orders pending provision of funds in the final Budget2000-2001 to cover the actual expenditure incurred.

9. The Accounts Officer, Finance & Planning(Finance BG.II) Department shall draw the amount sanctioned in para (7) above from the Pay& Accounts Officer, Hyderabad by a cheque in the name of the Vice Chairman &Managing Director, LIDCAP, Hyderabad and handover same to him.

10. The Drawing Officer, Industries &Commerce Department, Secretariat, Hyderabad shall make necessary provision in the finalBudget 2000-2001 to cover the actual expenditure incurred in relaxation of TreasuryControl Orders & Quarterly Regulation Orders.

11. The Vice Chairman & Managing Director,LIDCAP, Hyderabad shall verify the service registers / records of the employees and makepayments as per eligibility and audited statements. He shall deduct the amountsrecoverable from the employees towards loans / advances outstanding and also ineligibleamount if any paid to the employees after cut off date i.e. 30-9-1999 besides otherregular recoveries from the VRS payable to the employees and shall remit to the respectiveInstitutions / Organisations/ Government Account.

12. The Vice Chairman & Managing Director,LIDCAP, Hyderabad shall repay the loan of Rs.51,30,507 along with interest thereon fromout of the sales proceeds of the assets of the LIDCAP, Hyderabad alongwith interest @ 15%per annum and shall be remitted in to the following Head of Account.

" 8229 - Development & Welfare funds.

MH 200 - Other Development & Welfare funds.

SH 07 - State Renual Fund (to be opened)"


13. This order issue with the concurrence ofFinance & Planning(Expr.Ind.) Department vide their U.O.No.3021/262/Exp.I&C/2000,dated 19-5-2000.

14. "A copy of this order is available onthe Internet and can be accessed at the address -"





Principal Secretary to Government.


The Vice Chairman & Managing Director, LIDCAP, Hyderabad.

The Accountant General, A.P., Hyderabad.

The Pay & Accounts Officer, Hyderabad.

The Commissioner of Industries, Hyderabad.

The Director of Treasuries & Accounts, Hyderabad.

The Accounts Officer, Finance & Planning (FW BG) Department.

The Pension Payment Officer, Hyderabad.

The Drawing Officer, Industries & Commerce, A.P.Secretariat,Hyderabad.

Copy to:

The General Administration (PE) Department.

The Finance & Planning (RM&EC) Department.

The Finance & Planning (FW BG) Department.

The PS to Secretary to Chief Minister.

The P.S. to M(SSI).

The P.S. to Chief Secretary.

The P.S. to Principal Secretary to Government, Ind. & Com.(SSI) Deptt.

The P.S. to Principal Secretary & CIP to Government, Ind.& Comm. Deptt.

The Ind. & Com. (OP.II) / (L&B) Deptt.

The OSD (P), Ind. & Com. Deptt.for necessary action on para14 above.



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