As this is an age of information Technology, enabling everything to be accessed in a few minutes, the Government have recently approved the National e - Governance Plan (NeGP) consisting of Key Components including Common Core & Support Infrastructure and several Mission Mode Projects (MMPs) to be implemented at the central, state and local Government levels. The main aim of NeGP is to bring all Government services into the reach of common man through common service delivery outlets and ensured efficiency, clubbed with transparency and reliability at the minimum affordable cost treating them as the basic needs of the common man in the present advanced society. The right to information act of the Government enables and empowers every citizen to obtain the required information/data in very short period, avoiding abnormal delay which used to take place in the earlier times. To realize this vision of IT ENABLED eGOVERNANCE, with eGovernance projects at the central and state Governments levels including panchayath and municipality levels, the Government of Andhra Pradesh has initiated many steps. In resonance to the above pilot project, the Commissionerate of Intermediate Education, A.P. Hyderabad has opened an eGovernance cell under the supervision of a Chief Information Officer (C.I.O) to readily cater to the needs of the people who approach for any information about the Intermediate Education. Today the department of Intermediate Education is in a position to provide all the necessary information to the public by placing the details in Online for its access at any time, at any place, by any body, transparently, within a couple of minutes.

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