Computerization of Primary Health Centres (PHCs) – State-wide replication – Filling up of posts at State & District level – Orders – Issued.



Health, Medical & Family Welfare (D1) Department


G.O.Rt.No.33                                                                                      Dated: 9-1-2003

                                                                                                            Read the following:-

            1. G.O.Rt.No.78, HM&FW (D1) Dept., dated 30-01-2002

            2. G.O.Rt.No.9, (D1) Dept., dated 04.01.2003

            3. Proposal of CFW & EoS (FW) dated 07-01-2003


* * *


O R D E R :

            In pursuance of orders issued vide references 1st  & 2nd read above and proposal of CFW vide ref. 3rd read above, to upscale computerisation of PHC’s to cover entire state, the following staff at State level and at each district shall be positioned by redeployment and or on contract as follows:-




Statistical Officer          -        One     (1)           The posts will be filled in by way of

                                                                           redeployment of posts and transfer on



Technical Officer          -        One     (1)           The post will be filled up a computer

professional by taking on the contract from 3rd party   through an agency



Accountant                    -        One     (1)           Post to be redeployed from within the

               Department and filled up by transfer either

               from within or from other departments.


Senior Assistant /

Junior Assistant            -        Two     (2)           Posts to be redeployed and filled by way of

                                                                           transfer or deputation


Computer Programmer

/ Assistant                      -        Three  (3)           To be engaged through an Agency





Deputy Civil Surgeon      -     One     (1)           The Dy. Civil Surgeon will be against

                                                                           redeployed posts from the District

                                                                           Headquarters Hospital.


Computer Programmer

/ Assistant                         -     Three  (3)           To be engaged through an Agency



2.         Commissioner APVVP shall issue necessary instructions to redeploy one vacant post of Deputy Civil Surgeon from District Hospital for a maximum period of One (1) year only or till such time as computerization of PHC’s is completed in the district, whichever is earlier.

3.         Government after careful examination of the proposal, hereby permit the CFW to redeploy and fill up the posts as proposed at para 1.

4.         The expenditure in respect of computer Programmer / Assistant and Technical persons shall be met from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation / European Commission funds.


5.         The Commissioner APVVP and DH shall take necessary action to fill up the posts on deputation in consultation with the CFW and coordinate for effective implementation of the project.


6.                  The Commissioner of Family Welfare shall take further action as follows:

a)      CFW shall prescribe fortnightly schedule of tasks to be completed at state level and district level, under intimation to Govt., including positioning of personnel, identification and training of personnel concerned at PHC’s, procurement and positioning of hardware etc.

b)      Shall review the progress and ensure that full scale computerisation of PHC’s in the state is tested and operationalised well before December, 2003.

c)      As soon as PHC’s computerisation is operationalised the Medical and other  Professionals shall be repatriated to their original posts/ contracts terminated, as case may be.


7.                  Further to ensure time bound and successful computerization of PHC’s, Govt. here by direct as follows:-

a)      that the Supervisory Officers / Programme Officers will implement and closely monitor the progress of  PHC computerization in their respective jurisdiction. The Programme Officer including District T.B. Officers & District Malaria Officer shall ensure the successful usage of their  respective modules.

b)      After placement of hardware in the PHC’s, reporting shall be only in the computerized formats/ soft copy from PHCs to DM&HOs  and shall be online from DM&HOs to state HODs.





Principal Secretary to Government


The Commissioner Family Welfare, AP, Hyderabad

The Director General Health Services & Commissioner Andhra
Pradesh Vaidya Vidhana Parishad, AP, Hyderabad

The Director of Health, AP, Hyderabad


Copy to:-

The PS to E.O. Secretary to Government and Commissioner Family Welfare,

AP, Hyderabad. Chief  Secretary to Government of .A.P.

PS to Minister (HM&FW)

PS to Chief Minister