Andhra Preadesh Medical & Health Services –Dr.D.Venkateshwara Prasad, formerly Medical Officer, Primary Health Center, Bhiknoor, Nizamabad District - Unauthorised absence from duty – Disciplinary Action – Punishment of removal from service – Imposed – Orders – Issued.




G.O.Ms.No.30                                                                                                         Dated:17-02-2003

                                                                                                                          Read the following:


1.    From the DH&FW, Hyd., Lr.Rc.No.19950/E6.D/84, Dt.24-08-84.

2.    G.O.Rt.No.1619, HM&FW (B2) Dept., Dt.14-08-84.

3.    From the DH&FW, Hyd., Lr.Rc.No.19950/E6.D/83, Dt.30-09-85.

4.    Govt.Memo.No.2754/VC-II(1)/2001-4, Dt.15-06-02.

5.    From the Commr., P.S. & S.P., Hyd., Lr.No.6812/103/GNS.G4/2002, dt.12-09-02

6.    Govt.Memo.No.2754/VC-II(1)/2001-3, Dt.07-01-03.

7.    From the Secy., APPSC, Hyd., Lr.No.194/RT-I/2/2003, Dated 01-02-03.



O R D E R:


The Director of Health & Family Welfare, Hyderabad., in his letter1st read above has reported that Dr.D.Venkateshawara Prasad was appointed on 17-03-83 as Civil Assistant Surgeon and he has worked in Primary Health Center, Bhiknoor, Nizamabad District, from 17-04-83 to 10-10-83.  The Director of Health & Family Welfare, Hyderabad, has also stated that, the said Medical Officer, has been on unauthorised absence with effect from 10-10-83 and proposal has been sent to Government, for appointment of Enquiry Officer, to enquire into the unauthorised absence.


2.     In the reference 2nd read above, Sri Nandaraj Singh, Regional Director of Medical & Health Services, Hyderabad, has been appointed as Enquiry Officer, The Enquiry Office, has issued charge memo to Dr.D.Venkateshwara Prasad, Medical Officer and the same was served on him by Registered Post at the address available on record but was returned unserved by postal authorities stating that      “Addressee left, returned to sender”. Hence, the charge memo was published in Andhra Pradesh, Gazette at pp 86-87 in part-II, dated 17-01-85 and even after publication in Andhra Pradesh Gazette, the Medical Officer has not submitted his explanation to the charge memo. The Enquiry Officer in his report has recommended to terminate the services of the Doctor for his willful unauthorised absence from duty. The Medical Officer has joined at Primary Health Center, Srirampur, Karimnagar on 18-03-85 and proceeded on leave from 04-04-85 to 31-05-85 and reported on 01-06-85, got transfer orders dated 02-07-86FN from Srirampur, Primary Health Center to Primary Health Center, Manchal, Ranga Reddy District and got relieved on 10-05-86FN by applying leave before his transfer but not joined at Primary Health Center, Manchal, Ranga Reddy District, and he continued on unauthorised absence from 10-05-86 till now.


3.     Government after examination of the enquiry report have decided provisionally to remove Dr.D.Venkateshwara Prasad, Medical Officer, from service. A Show Cause Notice vide reference 4th read above was issued calling for his explanation. The Commissioner, Printing, Stationery & Stores Purchase, Hyderabad was also requested to publish the show-cause notice in Andhra Pradesh Gazette and furnish a copy of the Gazette copy for taking necessary action.  The Commissioner, Printing Stationary & Stores Purchase in the reference 5th read above has furnished a copy of Andhra Pradesh Gazette dated 04-07-02 in which show-cause notice was published at page 514. Even after publication of the Show-Cause notice in Andhra Pradesh Gazette, the Doctor has not submitted his explanation till date.


4.     The Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission who were consulted in the matter vide reference 6th read above have conveyed their concurrence to the proposal of the Government to remove Dr.D.Venkateshwara Prasad, Medical Officer, Bhiknoor, Nizamabad District.


5.     Government after careful consideration of the matter decided that Dr.D.Venkateshwara Prasad, Medical Officer, Primary Health Center, Bhiknoor, Nizamabad District, be removed from service with effect from 10-05-86.


6.     The following notification will be published in Andhra Pradesh Gazette.




       In exercise of the powers conferred by Rule 9 read with Rule 20 of Andhra Pradesh Civil Services (CC&A) Rules, 1991, the Government of Andhra Pradesh, hereby remove Dr.D.Venkateshwara Prasad from service from the date of his unauthorised absence from duty i.e.10-05-86.


7.     The Director of Health, Hyderabad shall take necessary further action in the matter accordingly.








The Director of Health, A.P., Hyderabad.

The Individual through Director of Health, Hyderabad.

Copy to:

The Accountant General, A.P., Hyderabad.

The District Medical & Health Officer, Nizambad.

The District Treasury Officer., Nizamabad.

The Secretary, A.P. Public Service Commission, Hyderabad.

The Commissioner, P.S. & S.P. (Ptg. wing) A.P., Hyderabad.

(with a request to publish the notification in A.P. Gazette and

 furnish copies to the Govt.)