Pay Revision – Interim Relief pending Revision of Scales of Pay – Sanction – Orders – Issued.




G.O.(P) No.54                                                                                             Date: 9-3-2005.

                                                                                                            Read the following:

1)      G.O.Ms.No.734, GA (Spl-A) Deptt., dt. 17-2-2004.

2)      G.O.Rt.No.960, GA (Spl-A) Deptt., dt. 1-3-2004.

O R D E R:


Consequent to the constitution of the Pay Revision Commission and the appointment of the Pay Revision Commissioner various Service Associations have been requesting for sanction of Interim Relief pending recommendations of the Pay Revision Commissioner and the decision of the Government thereon.  Government, after careful consideration, hereby sanction Interim Relief of 8.5% (eight and half percent) of Basic Pay [Pay as defined under FR 9(21)(a)(i)] with effect from 1-3-2005, payable on            1-4-2005 subject to the following conditions:-


1)      The Interim Relief sanctioned above shall be shown as a distinct element of remuneration which shall be adjusted against any benefit that may accrue to the employees on account of revision of scales of pay and other allowances as a result of Government’s decision on the Report of the Pay Revision Commissioner;


2)      The Interim Relief shall be applicable to all Government employees, Local Bodies and Aided Institution, Non-teaching staff of the Universities including Acharya N.G. Ranga Agricultural University, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Work Charged employees and Full-Time Contingent Employees who are drawing pay in the Andhra Pradesh Revised Pay Scales, 1999;


3)      The payment on account of Interim Relief involving fractions of fifty paisa and above shall be rounded off to the next rupee and fraction of less than fifty paisa shall be ignored;


4)      The Interim Relief will not be admissible to the Officers of the Andhra Pradesh State Higher Judicial Service and the Andhra Pradesh State Judicial Service. The Interim Relief will also be not admissible to the Teaching Staff in Government Colleges and Government Aided Colleges drawing UGC., AICTE., and ICAR scales;

:: 2 ::



5)      The Interim Relief will not be admissible to the Part Time Contingent Establishment;


6)      The Interim Relief shall be payable from the month of March, 2005 (payable on 1-4-2005);


7)      The Interim Relief sanctioned above shall not count for computation of Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance, City Compensatory Allowance or any other Allowances, Encashment of Leave, Pay Fixation, Pension or Gratuity etc.; and


8)      The expenditure on sanction of Interim Relief shall be debited to the detailed Head "010 - Salaries - 015 - Interim Relief" under respective Major, Minor & Sub Heads of Account.


2.          All  the  Departments of  Secretariat  and  Heads of  Departments are requested to take prompt steps to provide additional funds under the relevant Heads of Account.




                                                                                  P. RAMAKANTH REDDY

                                                                  PRINCIPAL SECRETARY TO GOVERNMENT


The Principal Accountant General, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad (2 copies).

The Principal Accountant General, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad (by name).

The Pay and Accounts Officer, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad

The Secretary to Governor, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad.

The Private Secretary to the Chief Minister and Private Secretaries to all Ministers.

All Secretaries to Government.

All Departments of Secretariat.

All Heads of Departments including District Collectors and District Judges.

The Registrar, Andhra Pradesh High Court, Hyderabad (with a covering letter).

The Secretary, AP GENCO and TRANSCO, Hyderabad (with a covering letter).

The General Manager, A.P.State Road Transport Corporation, Hyderabad (with a covering letter).

All the Directors of Accounts of Projects.

All the Deputy Directors of District Treasuries (with copies for Sub-treasury Officers).

All theDistrict Educational Officers / Principals of Junior Colleges / Degree Colleges.

All the District Development Officers of Zilla Paridhads.

All the District Panchayat Officers.

All the Secretaries of Zilla Grandhalaya Samsthas throughj the Director of Public Libraries, Hyderabad.

All the Secretaries of Agricultural Market Committees through the Director of Marketing, A.P. Hyderabad.

All the Commissioners / Special Officers of the Municipalities.

All the Recognised Seervice Associations.

The Registrar s of All Universities.

Copy to the General Administration (Cabinet) Department.