MEMO No. 10393-A/79/PSC/2005-2  DATED: 26.11.2005


   Sub: Pension – Disbursement of pension through Banks – 

           Obtaining Life Certificate and other certificates from

           the pensioners - Further instructions – Issued.

   Ref: 1. Cir.Memo.No. 10393-A/79/PSC/2005, Finance (PSC)

               Department, dated 19.10.2005.

2.  Meeting with the Pensioner’s Associations

dated 18.11.2005 by the D.T.A., A.P., Hyderabad.


  In partial modification of the instructions issued in the Memo 1st cited, the Government hereby issue the following further instructions in the matter:-


1)      It is decided to modify the instructions by allowing another option to the pensioners i.e., either to come to the Treasuries or Assistant Pension Payment Offices for submitting the Pension Annual Verification Certificates or they should approach the Banks concerned where they have an account for drawing their pension and obtain the signature of the Bank Manager of that Bank on the same format which has already been prescribed in the Memo 1st cited.  The pensioners should be physically present before the Bank Manager to obtain this certificate.  After obtaining signature of the Bank Manager they shall submit the Certificate by post to the Treasury/Assistant Pension Payment Office concerned.

2)       After receipt of these Certificates, the Treasury Officer/Asst.Pension Payment Officer concerned shall verify with the Pension Payment Order files available in their Office regarding the details of the pensioner i.e., the photograph available in the Pension Payment Office and the signature of the pensioner, etc.

3)      Instead of 31.12.2005 as the final date to submit these certificates, the time is extended upto 31.1.2006.

4)      In case of those pensioners who are residing outside Andhra Pradesh or other places within the State, instead of the place where the Pension Payment Order is authorized, and who have a Bank Account in that other State /place for receiving their pension , they may submit similar certificates in the format prescribed in the reference 1st cited, duly signed by the Bank Manager concerned, with a clear seal of the name of the Bank, Branch of the Bank and send it by post to the Asst.Pension Payment Officer/Treasury official concerned.

5)      In respect of the pensioners residing abroad, they are allowed to produce this Certificate in the format prescribed vide reference 1st cited, issued by the Embassy / Consulate / Registered or Notified Notary of that place.  But, whenever they come to India, they must ensure to be physically present before the Asst.Pension Payment Officer/Sub-Treasury or District Treasury  Officials / Bank Manager concerned and submit this Certificate for verification.

6)      It is reiterated that during the period of verification i.e. upto 31.1.2006, the pension payments will not be stopped.


                                                     RANJEEV R ACHARYA,

                                     SECRETARY TO GOVERNMENT (FP)



The Accountant General (A&E), A.P., Hyderabad

The Accountant General (Audit-I) A.P., Hyderabad

The Accountant General (Audit-II), A.P., Hyderabad

All the Department of Secretariat

All the Heads of Departments

The Director of Treasuries and Accounts, A.P., Hyderabad

The Pay and Accounts Office, A.P., Hyderabad

The Director of State Audit, A.P., Hyderabad

The Joint Director, Pension Payment Office, Mojamzahid Market,    


All the Asst. Pension Payment Officers

All the District Treasury Officers

The Secretary APPSC, Hyderabad

The Secretary to Governor, Raj Bhavan, Hyderabad

The Secretary A.P.S.E.Board, Vidhyut Soudha, Hyderabad


         A.P.Agricultural/Jawaharlal Nehru Technogical University/Sri

      Krishna Devaraya University/Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Open University

      A.P., Hyderabad

    All Collectors

   All the District Panchayat Officers

   All the Mandal Revenue Officers/Mandal Revenue Inspectors

   All the District Development Officers of Zilla Parishads

   All Commissioners and Special Officers of Municipalities

   The Secretary, All India Pensioners Association, Hyderabad

    All Pensioners Associations.


                               // FORWARDED BY ORDER //