Public Services -  Revision of Pay Scales – Recommendations  of the Anomalies committee constituted  to look into the Anomalies arising out of recommendations of the  Pay Revision Commission,  1999 on revival of New Common Categories – Implemented – Orders – Issued.




G.O.(P).No.508                                                                                              Dated : 10-06-2004.

                                                                                                                        Read the following:-


1. G.O.(P) No.114,Finance (PC.I) Department dated 11.8.1999

            2. Circular memo.No.29863-4/426/P.C.I/1/99 of Finance (PC.I) Dept., dated 19.8.99.

            3. G.O.Ms.No.413 GA (Special A) Dept., dated 4.12.2000.






                   In the G.O. first  read above, orders were issued implementing the recommendations of the Pay Revision Commission, 1999 with certain modifications in pursuance of the discussions with the Joint Action Committee of Employees, Teachers and Workers of Andhra Pradesh, the Telangana Non-Gazetted Officers Union and the A.P. Secretariat Co-ordination Committee with effect from 1st July 1998 with monetary benefit from 01.04.1999. Among other things, it was agreed to constitute a Committee to look into the anomalies that may arise as a result of implementation of the recommendations of the Pay Revision Commission. In the reference second  read above,  Government have issued other procedural instructions for fixation of pay in the Revised Pay Scales, 1999.  In pursuance of the agreement with the Service Associations mentioned above,  Government,  vide G.O. 3rd read above have appointed an Anomalies Committee under the Chairmanship of Sri R. Ramachandra I.A.S., (Retd).  The Committee, interalia,  recommended for the revival of new common categories, the concept introduced by the Pay Revision Commission 1986 and dispensed with, in the Revised Pay Scales 1993 as per the recommendations of Pay Revision Commission, 1993.


2.1.             The Committee while recommending for revival of New Common Categories made the following categorization/classification :


i.       Where the Service Rules are issued prescribing ITI qualification both for direct recruitment and appointment by promotion from lower category:


                   The Committee noticed that in a number of departments, Service Rules were issued prescribing ITI qualification for appointment to the category both by direct recruitment and by promotion. In these cases the scale of pay recommended can be assigned for the post, so that the ‘Future Entrants’ with qualification can also have the benefit and the post shall have a uniform pay scale.




ii.      Where there are no service rules, but appointments are made with ITI qualified persons:


                   The Committee noticed that some of the departments (Municipal Corporation, Vijayawada etc.,) have specifically requisitioned the Employment Exchange for sponsoring ITI qualified persons and also issued notification specifying the ITI qualification in the press, for appointment as Electricians etc., But these are not allowed the pay scale assigned for qualified, though they possess ITI qualification as there are no service rules.


                   In the above cases, the Committee is of the view that the department has to immediately take up for issuance of Service Rules prescribing ITI as the minimum qualification for those posts and those recruited with ITI qualification be allowed the pay scale assigned for the qualified.


iii.     Where the Service Rules do not provide for ITI qualification:


                   The Scale of Pay shall be as of the Un-qualified.


iv.     Employees working with long years of service:


                   Some of the employees might have been recruited without ITI qualification according to the service rules existing at the time of such recruitment and when ample opportunities for prosecuting ITI were not available. Service Rules subsequently amended if prescribe ITI qualification, the Committee is of the view that these employees may not be deprived of the benefit of assigning higher scale of pay. In these cases, the department may consider for sending such of the employees for prosecuting condensed course in ITI by taking up the matter with Employment & Training Department. After they are qualified the scale of pay for qualified be assigned.


2.2.             The Committee recommended the following scales of pay for the categories indicated below:

                                                                                                                        P.R.C. 1999

Group-I              (i) Carpenter               1.         For un qualified             Rs.2650-4850

                         (ii) Blacksmith  2.         Promotion post for

                        (iii) Tailor                                  un qualified                               Rs.2750-5150

                                                            3.         For qualified                             Rs.2990-5810

                                                            4.         Promotion post for

                                                                        Qualified                                   Rs.3550-7150

                                                            5.         Next Promotion post

                                                                        for qualified                              Rs.4190-8700


Group-II          1. Fitter                        1.         For un qualified             Rs.2650-4850

                        2. Plumber                    2.         Promotion post for

                        3. Electrician                             un qualified                               Rs.2750-5150

                        4. Wireman                  3.         For qualified                             Rs.3550-7150

                        5. Mason                      4.         Promotion post for

                        6. Painter                                  Qualified                                   Rs.4190-8700

                        7. Turner                      5.         Next Promotion post

                        8. Mechanic                             for qualified                              Rs.4430-9300

                        9. Welder



2.3.             The exercise of assigning the above recommended scales shall be done by the Finance (PC-I) Department. The concerned Administrative department shall refer each of the cases to Finance Department


2.4.             The Finance Department may also consider for creating a higher grade, if the departments want to create further promotion category among these posts. This is however subject to prescribing ITI qualification.


2.5.             The Committee once again specifically point out that, as suggested by Pay Revision Commission, 1993, the right course for encouraging those with formal technical qualifications would be to formally amend the service rules providing ITI certificate as the minimum qualification for these posts and appointment of unqualified persons should be made punishable and the appointing authority held personally responsible.


3.                Government have examined the above recommendations of the Anomalies Committee in detail and after careful consideration accepted the above recommendations. Government accordingly hereby issue the following order:


Category (i):       The Heads of Departments shall process each of these categories covered under this categorization and which are specified in para 2.2 only and send the proposals to Finance (P.C-I) Department, through the concerned administrative department in the Secretariat, as far as possible in a consolidated form in respect of offices under their administrative control, for issuance of necessary orders.

Category (ii):      The Heads of Departments are requested to take up the issue of service rules in respect of categories covered under this categorization and which are specified in para 2.2 only through their administrative departments in the Secretariat. After issuance of the service rules, the Heads of Departments will send proposal to Finance (P.C-I) Department, through the concerned administrative department in Secretariat, as far as possible in a consolidated form in respect of offices under their administrative control, for issuance of necessary orders.

Category (iii):     The categories covered under this categorization shall continue in the existing scale only.

Category (iv):     This shall be reviewed separately.


4.                Government hereby also order that the above procedure shall be followed by the Heads of Departments/Administrative Departments in the Secretariat.




                                                                                                       Dr. T. RADHA

                                                                                   SECRETARY TO GOVERNMENT (FP)



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