PENSIONS – New Pension Scheme (NPS) – Introduction of Contributory Pension Scheme to Andhra Pradesh State Government employees and all the posts with effect from the 1st September 2004 - Amendment to Andhra Pradesh Revised Pension Rules, 1980 - Notification – Orders – Issued.



G.O. Ms. No. 653                                                 Dated: 22-9-2004


O R D E R:


In the Budget for 2001-2002, the Government of India have announced that a new Pension Scheme based on defined contribution will be introduced to those who enter Central Government service including the All India Services, such as Indian Administrative Service, Indian Police Service and Indian Foreign Service (Defence, Railways, Posts, Telecom, Autonomous Bodies and Scientific Organizations) after 1.10.2001. The Government of India had constituted a High Power Committee with Sri B.K. Bhattacharya, former Chief Secretary, Government of Karnataka as Chairman to go into pension reform with the specific reference to recommending a contribution scheme. Based on the recommendation of the above Committee, Government of India introduced a Contributory Pension Scheme to all its employees in place of the existing non-contributory Defined Benefit Pension Scheme primarily guided by the long-term fiscal interest of the State with effect from 1-1-2004.


2.                 Government of Andhra Pradesh after careful consideration, decided to adopt the Government of India’s a New Pension Scheme based on Defined Contributions for the employees of the State, who are newly recruited on or after 1-9-2004. Under the new Contributory Pension Scheme, each employee has to contribute a certain amount and Government may contribute a certain amount. The New Contributory Pension Scheme is not applicable to the already existing / serving, employees of the Government of Andhra Pradesh.


3.                 Accordingly, the following orders are issued:


(i)                A New Contributory Pension Scheme based on defined contributions will be introduced to all the newly recruited employees.  This will apply to all the employees who are recruited on or after 1-9-2004 and whose pay and allowances are drawn from the Consolidated Fund of the State, including all the new recruits of all the tiers of all the Rural and Urban Local Bodies, Universities etc.,

(ii)              The employee’s contribution and the Government contribution, if any, towards the scheme shall be spelt out separately.

(iii)            After issue of detailed orders from Government of India, introducing new scheme to their employees, the State Government will, if necessary, modify these orders and issue rules and regulations for the Contributory Pension Scheme for State Government employees recruited on or after 1-9-2004.


4.       The following notification will be published in the extraordinary issue of the Andhra Pradesh Gazettee dated   22-9-2004




In exercise of the powers conferred by the proviso to Article 309 of the Constitution of India, the Governor of Andhra Pradesh hereby makes the following amendment to the Andhra Pradesh Revised Pension Rules, 1980.


2.       The amendment hereby made shall be deemed to have come into force on the 1st September 2004.




In the said Rules, in part-I after rule 2 (f) the following shall be added, namely:-

 “(g) (i) These rules shall not apply to all the Government Servants appointed on or after 1-9-2004, to services and posts in connection with the affairs of the State which are borne on pensionable establishment, whether temporary, or permanent.


(ii) These rules shall not apply to all appointments, whether temporary or permanent, made on or after 01-09-2004 in all the State Public Sector Undertakings, whose pay and allowances are drawn from the Consolidated Fund of the State or not.


(iii) These rules shall not apply to all appointments, whether temporary or permanent, made on or after 01-09-2004 of all the tiers of the Rural and Urban Local Bodies such as the Gram Panchayats, Mandal Parishads, Zilla Parishads, Municipalities, Municipal Corporations, Urban Development Authorities, Co-operative and Urban Local Bodies, Zilla Grandhalaya Samsthas, Agriculture Marketing Committees, including all the Universities in the State, including all the Institutions functioning under the Universities, whose pay and allowances are drawn from the Consolidated Fund of the State or not.


(iv) These Rules shall not apply to appointments, whether temporary or permanent made on or after 01-09-2004 into all the Institutions receiving Grant-in-Aid from the Government.


(v) These rules shall not apply to appointments, whether temporary or permanent, made on or after 01-09-2004 to all Co-operative Institutions, Autonomous Corporations, whose pay and allowances are drawn from the Consolidated Fund of the State or not.”





V. S. Sampath

Principal Secretary to Government


The Principal Accountant General, A.P., Hyderabad.

The Accountant General (Audit), Hyderabad.

The Accountant General (A&E), Hyderabad.

The Chief Secretary to Government, Hyderabad.

Spl. Chief Secretary to Governor of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad.

The Prl. Secy., C.M’s. Office, A.P. Secretariat, Hyderabad.

The Special Secretary to CM

The Special Secretary to CM

The E.O. Prl. Secretary to CM

The Secretary, A.P. Legislative Assembly, Hyderabad

The Secretary, A.P. Minorities Commission, Hyderabad.

The Secretary, A.P. Public Service Commission, Hyderabad.

The Commissioner, A.P. Vigilance Commission.

The Chairman, Infrastructure Authority, Hyderabad.

The Resident Commr. & Prl. Secy., A.P. Bhavan, New Delhi.

The Registrar (Admn.), A.P.High Court, Hyderabad.

The Administrative Officer, A.P. State Legal Services Authority, Hyderabad.

The Secretary, A.P. High Court Legal Services Committee, Hyderabad.

The Secretary, A.P. State Human Rights Committee, Hyderabad.

The Director, A.P. Judicial Academy, Hyderabad

The Registrar, A.P. Administrative Tribunal, Hyderabad.

The Secretary, State Election Commission, Hyderabad.

Agriculture & Co-operation Dept.

   A.P.C. & Prl. Secy., A & C Dept.

   Secy., (Co-op. & Mktg.)


   Commissioner and Director of Agriculture, Hyderabad.

   Commissioner for Co-operation and Registrar of Co-operative Societies, Hyderabad.

   The M.D., A.P. State Co-operative Union, Hyderabad.

   The M.D., A.P. State Co-operative Joint Farming and Labour Contract Societies

   Federation Ltd., Hyderabad.

   The Secretary, Co-operative Tribunal, Hyderabad.

   The Director, A.P. State Seeds Certification Agency, Hyderabad.

   Director of Marketing, Hyderabad.

   Commissioner & Director of Horticulture, Hyderabad.

   Commissioner of Sericulture, Hyderabad.


Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Dept.:

   Prl. Secy., Animal Husbandry Dept.

   Director of Animal Husbandry, Hyderabad.

   Commissioner of Fisheries Dept., Hyderabad.


B.C. Welfare Dept.:

   Prl. Secy., to Govt., B.C. Wel. Dept.

   Director of B.C. Welfare, Hyderabad.

   The Member Secy., A.P. Commissioner for Backward Classes, Hyderabad.

   The Director, A.P. Study Circle for Backward Classes, Hyderabad.


Higher Education Dept.:

   Prl. Secy., to Govt., H.E. Dept.

   Commissioner of Technical Education, Hyderabad.

   Secy., State Board of Technical Edn. And Trg., Hyderabad.

   Director of Collegiate Education, Hyderabad.

   Director of Intermediate Education, Hyderabad.

   Secretary, Board of Intermediate Education, Hyderabad.

   Commr., A.P. State Achieves & Research Institute, Hyderabad.

   Director, A.P. Govt. Oriental Manuscripts Library and Research Institute, Hyderabad.

   Director, Telugu Academy.

   Director, Hindi Academy.

   Secretary, A.P. State Council of Higher Edn., Hyderabad.


School Education Dept.:

   Secretary, School Education Dept.

   Commissioner and Director of School Education, Hyderabad.

   State Project Director, A.P. Primary Education Project, Hyderabad.

   Director, Adult Education, Hyderabad.

   Director for Govt. Examinations, Hyderabad.

   Director, A.P. Govt. Text Book Press, Hyderabad.

   Director, State Institute of Educational Technology, Hyderabad.

   Director of Public Libraries, Hyderabad.

   Director of State Council of Educational Research and Training, Hyderabad.

   Director & Spl. Officer, Jawahar Bal Bhavan, Hyderabad.


Energy Dept.:

   Prl. Sey., Energy Dept.

   C.M.D., A.P. Genco, Hyderabad.

   C.M.D., A.P. Transco, Hyderabad.

   Chairman & M.D., Central Power Distribution Company of A.P. Ltd., Hyderabad.

   Director of Boilers, Hyderabad.

   Chief Electrical Inspector, Hyderabad.


E.F.S.&T Dept.:

   Prl.Secy., EFS&T Dept.

   Prl. Chief Conservator of Forests, Hyderabad.

   Director, A.P. Forest Academy, Hyderabad.

   Member Secretary, A.P. Pollution Control Board, Hyderabad.

   Director General, Environment Protection, Training, Research Institute, Hyderabad.

   Curator, Nehru Zoological Park, Hyderabad.

   Member Secy., A.P. State Council of Science and Technology, Hyderabad.


Finance Dept:

   Prl. Secy., to Govt.

   Prl. Secy.(W&P)

   Secretary (R&E)

   Secretary (FP)

   Secretary (IF)

   Commissioner of Small Savings & State Lotteries, Hyderabad.

   Commissioner and Director of Insurance, Hyderabad.

   Director of Treasuries and Accounts, Hyderabad.

   Pension Payment Office, Hyderabad.

   Pay and Accounts Officer, Hyderabad.

   Director of State Audit, Hyderabad.

   Director of Works Accounts, Hyderabad.


Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs Dept.:

   Commr.-cum-E.O. Secy.

   Commr. Of Civil Supplies & E.O. Secy., Hyderabad.

   Controller of Legal Metrology, Hyderabad.

   Registrar, A.P. State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, Hyderabad.

   Chief Rationing Officer, Hyderabad.



   Spl. Chief Secy.

   C.E.O. & E.O. Spl.Chief Secy.


   Secretary (Poll.)

   Secretary (Ser.)

   D.G. (V&E) & E.O. Prl.Secy., Vigilance & Enforcement, Hyderabad.

   Secretary, Tribunal for Disciplinary Proceedings, Hyderabad.

   Director of Information and Public Relations Dept.

   Secretary, A.P.Press Academy. Hyderabad.

   Director General, A.C.B., Hyderabad.

   Director, Protocol Department, Hyderabad.

   Director General, Dr.M.C.R.Human Resources Development Institute of A.P.,


   Director of Translations Dept., Hyderabad.


Health, Medical and Family Welfare Department:


   Commissioner of Family Welfare, Hyderabad

   Director of Health, Hyderabad.

   Director of Medical Education, Hyderabad.

   D.G. & Commissioner, A.P.Vaidya Vidhana Parishad, Hyderabad.

   Director, Institute of Preventive Medicine, Public Health Lab, Food(Health) Admn.,


   Director of AIDS Control Project, Hyderabad.

   Director of Insurance Medical Services, Hyderabad.

   Addl. Director General, Drugs Control Administration, Hyderabad.

   Commissioner of Indian Medicines and Homoeopathy, Hyderabad.

   Secretary, Selection Committee for Para Medical Institution, Hyderabad.

   Secretary, A.P. Yogadhyayana Parishad, Hyderabad.


Home Department:

   Principal Secretary to Government

   Principal Secretary to Government

   D.G. & I.G.P., Hyderabad.

   Inspector General of Police, Intelligence Branch, Hyderabad.

   Addl. D.G.P., Crime Branch (C.I.D.), Hyderabad.

   Inspector General of Police, Grey Hounds, Hyderabad.

   Regional Intelligence Officer, Hyderabad.

   Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad.

   Director of Forensic Science Laboratory, Hyderabad.

   Director, Police Communications, Hyderabad.

   I.G.P., A.P. Special Police Battalions, Hyderabad.

   Addl. D.G.P., Special Protection Force, Hyderabad.

   Dirctor, A.P. Police Academy, Hyderabad.

   Addl. D.G.P., Police Transport Organisation, Hyderabad.

   I.G.P., Home Guards, Hyderabad.

   Addl. Director General, Railway Police, Hyderabad.

   D.G. & I.G. of prisons and Correctional Services, Hyderabad.

   Director General of Fire Services, Hyderabad.

   Commissioner, printing, Stationery & Stores Purchase, Hyderabad.


Housing Dept.:

   Principal Secretary

Information Technology & Communications Dept.:

   Prl. Secretary

   Spl. Secy. To C.M. & E.O. Secy., IT&C


Industries & Commerce Dept.:

   Principal Secretary


   Commissionerate of Industries, Hyderabad.

   Commissionerate of Commerce & Export Promotion, Hyderabad.

   Director of Handlooms & Textiles, Hyderabad.

   Director of Mines and Geology, Hyderabad.

   Commissioner & Director of Sugar and Cane Commissioner, Hyderabad.


Registrar, Institution of A.P. Lokayukta & Upa-Lokayukta, Hyderabad.

Irrigation and Command Area Development Dept.:

   Principal Secretary

   Secretary (Irrigation)

   Secretary (Projects)

   Engineer-in-Chief (Irrigation Wing)

   Commissioner, Command Area Development Dept.

   C.E., Central Designs Organisation, Hyderabad.

   Director, Ground Water Dept., Hyderabad.

   Commissionerate of Tenders, Hyderabad.

   Director General, WALAMTARI, Hyderabad.


Irrigation & C.A.D. (Proj. Wing) Dept.:

   E.O. Secretary

   C.E., N.S.R.S. Project.

   C.E., Nagarjuna Sagar Project

   C.E., Sreeram Sagar Project

   C.E., Telugu Ganga Project

   C.E., Tungabhadra Project


Labour, Employment, Training and Factories Dept.:

   Principal Secretary

   Commissioner of Labour, Hyderabad.

   Commissioner, Employment and Training, Hyderabad.

   Director of Factories, Hyderabad.


Law Dept:

   Secretary (Legal Affairs)

   Director of Prosecutions, Hyderabad.

   Secretary, State Transport Appellate Tribunal, Hyderabad.


 Law Officers:

   Advocate-General, A.P., Hyderabad.

   Registrar, Special Court, Land Grabbing (Prohibition) A.P., Hyderabad.


Minorities Welfare Dept.:

   Prl. Secy.

   Director, A.P. Urdu Academy, Hyderabad.


Mpl. Admn. And Urban Devt. Dept.:

   Prl. Secretary

   Director of Mpl. Admn., Hyderabad.

   Director of Town & Country Planning, Hyderabad.

   Engineer-in-Chief, Public Health, Hyderabad.


Planning Dept.:

   Prl. Secretary

   Director of Economics and Statistics, Hyderabad.




Prl. Secy., Public Enterprises Dept.

P.R. & R.D. Dept.:


   Prl. Secy

   Secy. (PR)

   Commr., Women Empowerment and Self Employment, Hyderabad.

   Commr., Panchayat Raj and Rural Employment, Hyderabad.

   Commissioner, Rural Development, Hyderabad.


Revenue Dept.:

   Spl. Chief Secretary

   Prl. Secretary


   Chief Commr. Of Land Administration, Hyderabad.

   Special Officer & Competent Authority Urban Land Ceilings, Hyderabad.

   Commissioner of Commercial Taxes, Hyderabad.

   Commissioner for Disaster Management, Hyderabad

   Commissioner, Survey Settlements and Land Records, Hyderabad

   Commissioner, Settlements  and Jagir Administrator, Hyderabad.

   Commissioner, Prohibition and Excise, Hyderabad.

   Inspector General, Registration and Stamps, Hyderabad.

   State Editor, District Gazetters, Hyderabad.

   Commissioner, Ednowments, Hyderabad.

   Director, Sainik Welfare, Hyderabad.


Social Welfare Dept.:

   Prl. Secy.


   Commissioner of Social Welfare, Hyderabad.


Tribal Welfare Dept.:


   Director of Tribal Welfare, Hyderabad.

   Director, Tribal Research & Training Institute, Hyderabad.


Transport, Roads and Buildings Dept.:


   Prl. Secy.

   Transport Commissioner, Hyderabad.

   V.C. & M.D., A.P.S.R.T.C., Hyderabad.

   C.E.(R&B), Hyderabad.

   Director of State Ports




   Osmania University, Hyderabad.

   S.V. University, Tirupathi

   J.N.T.U., Hyderabad.

   Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University, Hyderabad

   Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University, Hyderabad.

   Acharya N.G.Ranga Agricultural University, Ragendra Nagar, R.R.District.

   University of Hyderabad.

   N.T.R.University of Health Science, Vijayawada.

   Andhra University, Visakhapatnam


Women Development, Child Welfare and Disabled Welfare Dept.:


   Director, W.D.&C.W., Hyderabad.

   Commissioner of Juvenile Welfare and Correctional Services, Hyderabad.

   Commissioner of Disabled Welfare, Hyderabad.


Youth Advancement, Tourism and Culture Dept.:

   Prl. Secretary

   Director, Cultural Affairs, Hyderabad.

   Commissioner of Archaeology and Museums, Hyderabad.

   Director of Tourism, Hyderabad.

   Director of N.C.C., Hyderabad.

   Director of Youth Services, Hyderabad.


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