Devolution of Powers and Functions pertaining to Tree Planting Programme- outside Reserve Forest areas - Off take from Nursery Distribution Centres - Checking of actual plantations and Survival Monitoring by Panchayat Secretaries - Certain Instructions - Issued.




G.O.Rt.No.308                                                    Dated:4th November,2003                                                       Read the following:-


          1) G.O.Ms.No.63/EFS&T(For.III)Dept., Dt:19-7-2003.

                              2) D.O.Lr.No.5658/For.III/2003, Dt: 30-7-2003.

                              3) D.O.Lr.No.5658/For.III/2003, Dt: 2-8-2003.

                              4) D.O.Lr.No.5658/For.III/2003, Dt: 12-8-2003.

                              5) Govt.Memo.No.5658/For.III/2003, dt.22.8.2003.

                              6) Govt.Memo.No.5658/For.III/2003, dt.08.09.2003.

                              7) Govt.D.O.Lr.No.5658/For.III/2003, dt.19.09.2003.


         The Government have launched a massive Tree Planting Programme in order to fulfil the National and State Forest Policy objectives to bring 33% of geographical area under green cover by 2009.  Necessary instructions were already issued through the references cited from time to time for successful implementation of the Planting Programme.

2.      During the Video Conferences held by Hon'ble CM for reviewing plantation activity several instructions were issued to the District Collectors, Heads of the Departments, and, CEOs of various other line departments associated/involved in nursery raising, distribution of seedlings and tree planting activities.   Apart from the Forest Department and Paper Mills, other Government agencies/departments like PR & RD, Tribal Welfare, MA&UD, Horticulture and some Self-Help groups etc. are  involved in nursery raising and tree planting activity.   Instructions were also issued for maintaining proper Distribution Registers in each nursery of each department, to provide base data on seedlings supplied and planted habitation wise for easy monitoring.  It was further instructed by CM in the Video Conference that the District Collectors should depute senior nodal officers to the planting locations for checking the actual plantations done based on particulars mentioned in the distribution registers maintained.  Accordingly, the survival data is collected, and furnished to the Government. 


3.       It is further reiterated that all the departments/agencies ie., Forest Department, Paper Mills and PR & RD, Tribal Welfare and all other departments associated with nursery raising and tree planting programme, shall maintain a uniform distribution register for each nursery distribution centre and enter the details of off take in the said register.  Instructions were also issued to obtain the formats of distribution registers from the Forest Department.



 4.      Further, during the discussions held on 16.9.2003, the following decisions were taken on Survival and Monitoring of Plantation:

               (a) In order to develop a comprehensive base-line data on plantation activity outside the forest   area  through   various agencies in the State, there is a need for developing a mechanism.  The seedlings from the distribution centres are planted in habitations under panchayats, both by private individuals and public institutions.  The Panchayat Secretaries are the custodians and record keepers of both common property resources and state resources being enjoyed by private individuals.  It is necessary to institutionalise the "seedling survival monitoring activity" through the existing Panchayat Secretary institution by involving them in maintaining basic plantation data, at habitation level in their respective Grampanchayats in a prescribed register for which a format is devised by the Environment Forests Science & Technology Department - Format-I.

               (b) The Panchayat Secretary’s record of plantations in his/her jurisdiction would be a seasonal activity to check the survival of plantations and develop a baseline data for the state to measure survival rates/percentage/number against plants planted.  The base line data can be ground-truthed by Panchayat Secretaries from the available seedling Distribution Registers (DR) maintained by the associated department/agency i.e. by nursery incharge.

               (c) The Panchayat wise details of distribution of seedlings from each nursery distribution centre should be compiled by the Dy.CF(P&E) for each Mandal, Gram Panchayat wise and the same should be supplied to Gram Panchayat Secretaries through MPDO's initially.

               (d) Similarly, for the seedlings raised and distributed by all other agencies such as ITDA, DPAP & DRDA, DWMA etc. the concerned CEOs at district level should compile this information and supply the same to the Dy.CF (P&E) for incorporating them in a comprehensive Panchayat wise booklet.  These details (off take from Nursery distibution centres) should be supplied to MPDOs concerned in a booklet form by Dy.CF(P&E), and CEOs of all departments/agencies, as suggested by Commissioner, Panchayat Raj.

               (e) The MPDOs of the concerned Mandal Parishat shall ensure that these Gram Panchayat wise seedling distribution particulars compiled in a booklet, are sent to the Panchayat Secretaries of concerned Gram Panchayat for maintaining Basic Record  in Format-I (Gram Panchayat plantation Register) for further use of monitoring & evaluation.

               (f) In turn, the Gram Panchayat Secretary, concerned upon receiving the Panchayat wise/habitation wise details of seedlings distribution, shall maintain and update a permanent register in the same Format-I.  This register is called "Gram panchayat Plantation Register", which should be continuously updated every season.


               (g) The Gram Panchayat Secretary will be responsible for data accuracy and authenticity and shall show and supply all the  details of seedlings distributed and planted in his Grampanchayat jurisdiction to any enumerating officer/student or teacher from the National Green Corps (NGC) when asked for.

               (h) After checking the plantations in the field, the Gram Panchayat Secretary should submit the information in Formats I & II to the MPDO concerned to be compiled (Mandal wise) at Mandal level and pass on the same to the District NGC Convenor after ground truthing.

               (i) The District NGC Convenor, upon receiving the Gram Panchayat wise/ Mandal wise seedlings distribution and survival data, in Formats I &II will compile the same information which will automatically generate the data in Format-III and put it online.

               (j) This data in Grama Panchayat Plantations Register (Format-I) will be simultaneously shared with the NGC Schools in the district for monitoring the survival of the plantations done.  After ground truthing, the NGC schools will send the information in Format-II  through the MPDOs/Dy.E.Os who wil in turn furnish the information to the District NGC Convenor for revalidation of the on line data in Format-III which is a continuous process and automatically be generated in Format-IV.

               (k) At State Level the Diretorate of NGC will consolidate the district wise information for the entire state in the Format-V online which is automatically be generated for monitoring by the Hon'ble Chief Minister or Chief Secretary.

5.       The Centre for Good Governance (CGG), has already been entrusted with the development of a suitable software for online monitoring of plantation survivals.  The password and instructions will be issued separately.

6.       The expenditure on collection, compilation, enumeration and on submitting the data at Panchayat level in format I & II, is estimated to be around Rs.500/- for each Minor Gram Panchayat, and, Rs.1000/- for Major Gram Panchayat.  This is a payment for hiring a knowledgeable person to help the Panchayat Secretary in identifying the species wise details, etc. required in  Formats-I & II.  It shall be met from the on going SGRY Scheme funds of PR Department, and respective Schemes under which the various agencies raise the seedlings. 

7.       The expenditure on one time training for the NGC teachers to a tune of Rs.60/- for each teacher on travel and food shall also be met from the SGRY funds as a one time grant.  The role of the NGC students is mainly in acquiring knowledge on ‘neighbour hood plant species’ and their survival patterns.  This is to be executed as an enjoyable learning experience.  These NGC student volunteers should also be provided with transport and refreshments for the monitoring activity conducted outside their place of residence and place of school, by the District Administration.


8.       In future, sapling distribution also will be done through the Panchayat Secretaries who will maintain the permanent record on the plant resources in the respective Panchayat in the Gram Panchayat Plantation Register.






Prl.Secretary to Government, PR&RD Deptt.

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All HoDs concerned.

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Chairman & Managing Director, Singareni Collieries Company Ltd.,


All the District Collectors.

The Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, AP, Hyd.

The Vice-Chairman & Manging Director,

 A.P.Forest Development Corporation, Hyd.

All Conservator of Forests through Prl.CCF. Hyd.

The Paper Mills through Prl.CCF., Hyd.

The Director, NGC, Hyd.

All Paper Mills

Copy to:-

The Prl.Secretary to Chief Minister.

The Spl.Secretary to Chief Minister.

P.S. to Prl.Secretary, EFS&T.












Memo.No.1809/For.III/2003-5                                        Dated:20.09.2003.

                      Sub:-    LAQ No.7626-K (Starred) given by S/Sri G.Nagesh, MLA., regarding allotment of funds to Social Forestry Schemes in the State - Further information called for - Reg. 

                      Ref:-        1. From Prl.CCf., Ref.No.9599/2003/U1, dt.14.3.2003.

                             2. Govt.Memo.No.1809/For.III/2003-3, dt.16.6.03.

                             3. From Prl.CCf., Ref.No.23275/2003/U1, dt.24.6.2003.



          The attention of the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad is invited to the references cited.   He is requested to furnish the following additional information immediately for answering the LAQ No.7626-K (Starred) which is posted for answer on 23.09.2003, as desired by the Hon'ble Minister.


          (a)  From which year the Scheme of Social Forestry was started.

                   (b)  How many Kms. have been covered with the Plantations so far under the above Scheme and its nominclature (District wise details).

                   (c)  How many plants are planted under the said Scheme.

                   (d)  What is the survival rate ?


                                                                             K.D.R.JAYA KUMAR




The Prl.Chief Conservator of Forests,

 Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad.