Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission - Sanction of an amount of Rs.11.77 lakhs to meet the expenditure on the salaries of the staff of the A.P.Electricity Regulatory Commission - Orders - Issued


G.O.Ms.No.21                                                            Dated.03-03-2000

Read the following:-

1. G.O.Ms.No.116, Energy(Power.III) Deptt. dt. 29-12-1998 read with
    G..O.Ms.No.40, Energy (Power.III) Deptt. dt. 5-2-1999 andG.O.Ms.No. 79,
    Energy(Power.III)Department, dt. 6-4-1999.
2. G.O. Rt.No.991, Fin. & Plag. (FW-BG) Deptt. dt.19-4-1999.
3. G.O.Ms.No.109, Energy (Power.III) Department, dated 17-6-1999.
4. G.O.Rt.No.1333, Fin.& Plag. (FW-BG) Deptt., dt. 12-7-1999.
5. G.O.Ms.No.186, Energy (Power.III) Dept. dt.22-12-99.
6. From the Director (Admn), APERC, Lr.Rc.No.100/APERC/Accounts,


In the G.Os 1st to 5th readabove, an amount of Rs.193.00 lakhs has been sanctioned in 3 instalments to meet theexpenditure on the Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (APERC) during thecurrent financial year 1999-2000.

2 In the reference 6th readabove, the Director (Administation), Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission hasrequested the Government to sanction an amount of Rs.11.77 lakhs to meet the expenditureon the salaries of the staff of the Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission forthe remaining period of the current financial year 1999-2000.

3. Government after carefulexamination of the mater, hereby accord sanction of Rs.11.77 lakhs (Rupees eleven lakhsand seventy seven thousands only) to meet the expenditure on the salaries of the staff ofthe A.P.Electricity Regulatory Commission for the remaining period of the currentfinancial year, 1999-2000.

4. The expenditure sanctionedabove shall be debited to the head of account "2801.Power-001.Direction &Administration - SH(04) - A.P.Electricity Regulatory Commission - 090.Grants-in-Aid-91.Other Grants-in-Aid towards salaries (to be opened).

5. The amount sanctioned inpara 4 above shall be incurred in relaxation of Treasury Control Orders and QuarterlyRegulation Orders pending provision of funds by way of supplementary grant during thecurrent financial year, 1999-2000.

6. The Assistant Secretary toGovernment, Energy Department shall draw the amount and disburse the amount sanctionedabove through a cheque obtained in favour of the Deputy Director( Pay and Accounts),APERC, Hyderabad.

7. The Deputy Director (Payand Accounts), APERC is requested to send necessary proposals to Government for obtainingSupplementary Grant during the current financial year, 1999-2000.

8. This order issues with theconcurrence of Finance & Planning (FW) Department vide theirU.O.No.1290/29/Expr-FCS&Energy/2000, dated. 03-03-2000.



                           PRINCIPAL SECRETARY TO GOVENMENT


The Director (Admn),A.P.Electricity Regulatory Commission, Hyderabad.

The Deputy Director (Pay andAccounts), A.P.Electricity Regulatory Commission,  Hyderabad.

The Accountant General,A.P.,Hyderabad.

The Finance & Planning(FW-BG) Department.

The Finance & Planning(FW-W&M) Department

The Finance & Planning(FW-PF.I) Department

The Finance & Planning(FW-FCS & Energy) Department.

The Pay and Accounts Officer,Hyderabad.

The Deputy Pay and AccountsOfficer,Sectt.branch.


                                    //Forwarded :: By Order//

                                               Section Officer.