Horticulture Department – OnionProduction Programme for Rabi, 1999-2000 @ 75% seed subsidy – Sanction Orders –Issued.


G.O.Ms.No.291 Date:30.9.1999.

Read the following:

3.G.O.Ms.No.99,Agri & Coop(Hort)Dept.,Dt:1.4.99.
4.From the Commr. Of Hort.,Hyderabad

* * *


1. The Commissioner of Horticulture, Hyderabad inhis Lr. 4th read above has reported that during the meeting held with the ChiefMinister on 23.9.99, it was decided to take up onion Production Programme duringRabi,1999-2000. For Rabi season light red onion varieties are recommended. These vareitiesof onion can be stored for longer period. Hence it is proposed to cover 20,000 hect.,under onion production programme during Rabi, 1999-2000 under 75% seed subsidy.

2. The Commissioner of Horticulture has statedthat to encourage the farmers, it is proposed to provide 75% subsidy on seed cost upto one(1) hectare for each farmer. Accordingly he has submitted the financial requirement asdetailed below:

  1. Estimated rate for one Kg., of light red variety of onion seed Rs.450/- per Kg.
  2. Value of the seed for 7.5 kgs., to cover 1 hect., are Rs.3,375/-.
  3. Total value of the seed @ Rs.450/- per ;Kg., for 150 tones Rs.6.75 crores.
  4. 75% seed subsidy for each farmer per hect., limited to Rs.2,500/-.
  5. Total subsidy amount required to cover 20,000 hects., - Rs.5.00 crores (20,000 x 2,500 = Rs.5.00 crores.)

3. The Commissioner of Horticulture has submitteda proposal for implementing the onion production programme during Rabi, 1999-2000 with atotal cost of Rs.5.00 crores as detailed in para 2 above and he has suggested thefollowing source of funding for implementation of the Scheme:


  1. Rs.3.43 crores by diverting the entire balance amount sanctioned for onion production programme during Kharif 1999.
  2. Rs.1.57 crores by diverting from the unspent amount sanctioned for special production programme for vegetables during 1999-2000 for summer Kharif and Rabi.

4. Government after careful examination of theproposals of the Commissioner of Horticulture, hereby accord sanction for Onion ProductionProgramme during 1999-2000 at a total cost of Rs.5.00 crores (Rupees five crores only)ie., Rs.3.43 crores by diverting the balance amount sanctioned for Onion ProductionProgramme during Kharif 1999 and Rs.1.57 crores by diverting from balance amountsanctioned for special production programme for vegetables during 1999-2000 for summer,Kharif and Rabi in the G.O.1st read above for implementation of Rabi onionproduction programme during 1999-2000.

5. Commissioner of Horticulture is requested toimplement the scheme, by providing 75% seed subsidy limited to Rs.2,500/- per hectare andper farmer, whichever is less. Preference will be given to SF/MF/SC/ST women farmers andpreference also will be given to the farmers who are participating in the Rythu Bazars.

    1. Efforts should be made to complete the procurement of seed required for Rabi season early, as well as to plan the planting in a staggered manner so that the onion production would be available during the lean months. Further he shall ensure that the quality of the seed so procured shall meet the Indian Minimum Seed Certification Standards in force.

7. The expenditure sanctioned in para 4 aboveshall be debited to the following Head of Account as detailed below in relaxation ofTreasury control orders pending provision of funds by obtaining supplementary estimatesduring 1999-2000.

``2401-crop Husbandry – M.H.119-Horticultureand vegetable crops – schemes included in the Plan – S.H.(50) –Scheme forsubsidy on seeds 110 – subsidies’’

Rs.5.00 crores.

8. Commissioner of Horticulture is authorised todraw the amount sanctioned in para 4 above in two (2) instalments at the rate of Rs.2.50crores in each instalment.

  1. This order issues with the concurrence of Finance and Planning (FW EBS.XIII)Department vide their U.O.No.38557-C/443/A2 /EBS,XIII/99, Dated:30.9.99.


                                         JAINDER SINGH

                           APC & PRL.SECRETARY TO GOVT.,

The Commissioner of Horticulture,A.P.Hyderabad.
The Accountant General, A.P.Hyderabad.
The pay and Accounts Officer,A.P.Hyderabad.

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All District Collectors.
The Commissioner and Director of Agriculture,A.P.Hyderabad.
The Principal,Agri University
The Director, Research, ANGRAU
The Addl.Secretary to CM
The PS to CS
The PS to Minister(Agri)

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