Expression of Interest for undertaking Media works

Expression of Interest invited from the interested agencies for undertaking the following I.T. promotion works of IT&C Department:

IT&C Department is entrusted with the task of propagation of IT Applications for rural/socio-economic development of the State and pertaining to IT/ITES Industries. As part of its promotion activity, the Department is undertaking the following media activities from time to time.

1. I.T. Promotional Compact Disk (CD):

Two types of CD’s are required to be brought out:

(A) CD on promotion of IT in the State: This CD is expected to give an overall idea to the investors on the following:

(i) General scenario of the State with regard to Demographic Parameters, Socio- economic Indicators, Housing.

(ii) Technical infrastructure for setting up of IT units in the State-availability of data voice video & connectivity facility.

(iii) Physical infrastructure such as the IT office space available on lease/sale in Hyderabad or different parts of the State, rates, facilities.

(iv) Social Infrastructure: Standard of living, social amenities available, basic tariff on transport, entertainment, leisure, medical, tourism and hotel facilities.

(v).The IT Promotion efforts of the State.

(vi).ICT Policy in brief.

(vii).The policies of the Government in creating conducive and congenial industrial friendly atmosphere for attracting investments in to the State.

(viii).Benefit of advantage of Hyderabad and other places in AP over other States/ Cities in the country.

(ix).ICT scenario in the country in general and in the State in particular.  - Qty – 1000 CD’s

(B) CD on Tier 2 locations: A similar CD on each Tier 2 locations with the above issues. Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Warangal, Kakinada and Tirupati. – Qty - 300 on each location .

The concept and design of CD should be menu driven, user friendly, aesthetic look and feel, graphics and colour schema as per the International Standards.

2. Brochure:

A brochure containing the ICT Policy of Government of Andhra Pradesh, incentives for setting up of IT Industry in the State, policies procedures to be followed, the ICT base created by the Government of AP, the strengths of e-Governance projects and application of IT as a tool for citizen centric activities. The brochure should have graphics/photo/screen shots and the same is attractable and readable. – Qty – 1000 no’s .

3 (A). Pamphlet on the Hyderabad IT investments destination: The pamphlet should contain the ICT Policy, incentives available for setting up of ICT Policy, infrastructure-social/educational/medical, technical, physical infrastructure available, life style, costs of various services such as transport (Public/private), electricity, telephony, rentals (office/residential –lease/sale basis), entertainment & leisure, etc, available in Hyderabad. The pamphlet should not be more than four pages and should be focused and show cased on Hyderabad as preferred IT Destination. -Qty-2000 no’s

(B). Pamphlets on Tier 2 locations: Separate pamphlets on Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Warangal, Kakinada and Tirupati which should contain the ICT Policy, incentives available for setting up of ICT Policy, infrastructure-social/educational/medical, technical, physical infrastructure available, life style, costs of various services such as transport (Public/private), electricity, telephony, rentals (office/residential –lease/sale basis), entertainment & leisure, etc, in that particular location. – Qty – 500 no’s on each location

4. Erection of AP-IT Pavilion:

IT&C participates in national/international IT Exhibitions such as Connect, Chennai; Bangalore IT.Com; Infra Summit, Mumbai; Infocom Calcutta; India Soft; Elitex, New Delhi and Gitex Dubai & Gitex India Series.

Every year at the first exhibition, one stall design is firmed up and fabricated. The same will be used on rotation basis for the next five events in the year. The following are the concepts pertaining to the erection of AP-IT Pavilion:

(i) Normal size of stall is 36 sq.mtrs (9x9) which may extend to 50 or 100 sq. mtrs in specific cases.

(ii) The design and fabrication of the stall should be flexible such that, it should be scalable from 36-50-100 sq. mtrs.

(iii) The design should be aesthetic, unique in its kind and should have latest elements of elegance in concept and construction objects material.

(iv) The panel design should be based on the text given by the Department from time to time and design shall be in such a fashion that the same is eye-catching, informative, look & feel friendly.

(v) Besides fabrication, erection and maintenance of pavilion, the agencies selected shall extend the following support services at each and every event/exhibition:

(a) Arranging & payment of plasma screen,

(b) Arranging & payment of Desktop monitor for showing the IT Promotion CD’s

(c) Arranging & payment of Desktop monitor for having internet access.

(d) Arranging & Payment of charges for power, internet and telephone facility.

(e) Arranging & payment of requisite no. of hostess in the pavilion for manning the stall.

(f) Arranging & Payment for Photography and videography of the AP Pavilion, exhibition & conferences.

(g) General maintenance of AP-IT pavilion, including arrangement of flower pots, plants,etc. during the show time of the event.

(h) Replacement of Text/Panels at each & every event/Exhibition as per the requirement.

(vi) The claim on (v) above will have to be charged on actual basis incurred at each event.

The agency is required to quote one time cost for artwork, design, fabrication, erection and maintenance of the 1st Exhibition, for the material used and shall quote the costing for support services as mentioned at para(v) above, for the first & subsequent exhibitions along with cost of preparation of new panels/transportation material and maintenance charges for the first & subsequent five events.

Interested Agencies for under taking the above IT Promotion works/assignments, are requested to submit the quotations with design/artworks/concepts in sealed cover for the above works along with a note on the strength of the agency and on similar previous works done, on or before 20th July 2005 at the following address:

The Secretary to Government
Information Technology and Communications Department
D-Block, 3rd floor
A.P. Secretariat
Hyderabad – 500022.
Contact No: 040-23456401